The Sixteen Satires Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Satire I

• This collection is narrated by Juvenal, a man who does not understand bad play-writing. He claims that all the good stories in the world have already been told, and that there is no reason to waste paper trying to rewrite them.

• He has many questions about adultery, bribery, and reverence to the church. Even though he is not very good, the way he sees the world inspires him to write poetry. He is particularly interested in the impoverished; and how they manage to traverse their daily lives.

Satire II

• Juvenal begins to condemn many different sexual behaviors such as homosexuality, adultery, incest, and promiscuity. Laronia, a female friend, accuses Juvenal of allowing men to be promiscuous, and of condemning women for the same behaviors.

• Juvenal and Laronia get into a long discussion about men who act or dress like women, citing Emperor Otho, a king said...

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