Daily Lessons for Teaching The Shadow of the Wind

Carlos Ruiz Zafón
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Lesson 1 (from The Cemetery of Forgotten Books)


The Shadow of the Wind takes place during the Spanish Civil War (Julián's story) and after (Daniel's story). The historical significance and influence on a story's setting and characters is an important element to understanding the novel's context. The objective of this lesson is to give students background information on the Spanish Civil War and discuss its impact on society to further a better understanding of the novel.


1) Class discussion/background information: Using an overhead projector to outline examples, the teacher should inform the class about the Spanish Civil War. Explain how the Civil War forced people to choose sides, and how in any war, some residents were forced to flee for their safety. Make a T-chart comparing the beliefs of the two regimes: the republicans and the nationalists.

2) Small group activity: Have students break into groups of 3 to 4 students and discuss what they...

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