The Shadow of the Wind Character Descriptions

Carlos Ruiz Zafón
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Daniel Sempere

This character becomes obsessed with a "forgotten" book he discovers.

Julian Carax

This character is an author who pictures himself as the devil.

Fermín Romero de Torres

This character is a street dweller who becomes an assistant in a bookstore.

Nuria Monfort

This character's father is the keeper of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.

Javier Fumero

This character is an inspector with an unstable and murderous past.

Miquel Moliner

This character is a true and sincere friend who sacrifices his life.

Penélope Aldaya

This character dies giving birth to a stillborn baby.


This character is engaged but begins a love affair with the main character.

Tomás Aguilar

This character is good at inventing things.

Jorge Aldaya

This character is a boyhood friend of Julián's.


This character is the owner of a bookstore.

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