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Perrier Bottleappears in First Night

The narrator's lover collects rainwater in this object as a memento of their first night together at a bed and breakfast in Maine.

Lou's Gymappears in Sock It To Me

This is where Geren works out every night and where he and the narrator first make love during the big snowstorm of 1992.

Songs R Us Singing Telegram Agencyappears in Be My Valentine

During college, Yardley works here and this is how she meets Clarence when she performs a message for him from Shannon, his cheating ex-girlfriend.

Road for Authorized Vehicles Onlyappears in The Interstate

The narrator and her boyfriend pull off the interstate onto a small dirt road marked this, where they make love on the hood of their car and against a tree.

Cutting Edge Barbershopappears in The Barbershop

This location is where Keanu works and Tammy first encounters him.

Room in Airportappears in The Airport

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