The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth Character Descriptions

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Zaneappears in Acknowledgements and A Personal Reflection from Zane

This person gives a dedication to sexually inhibited women, demonstrating her approval of female sexuality while admitting the existence of oppression of female sexuality results in many women's sexual inhibitions.

Alpha Phi Fuckemappears in Alpha Phi Fuckem and Alpha Phi Fuckem- The Convention

This is a group of women who are not found on any college campus, but they are as close as any sisterhood can get. They are a group of professional, well-educated women from all walks of life.

Geren Stevensonappears in Sock It To Me

This person is six feet tall and weighs around two hundred pounds of solid muscle. He is as dark as chocolate and bald.

Yardleyappears in Be My Valentine

This person goes on a Valentine's Day date with Clarence after delivering a singing telegram to him from his cheating ex-girlfriend, and she eventually...

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