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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What action does Merton take to become a monk after lunch at the Columbia Faculty Club?
(a) He writes to the abbot at Gethsemani.
(b) He follows the advice of Mark Van Doren.
(c) He applies for early admission to the Franciscans.
(d) He visits his brother to discuss the matter.

2. What do Merton and his friends do in Olean?
(a) They develop a monastery-like environment.
(b) They have an automobile accident.
(c) They play team sports.
(d) They study drama and religion.

3. What religious order does Merton first consider joining?
(a) The Dominicans.
(b) The Jesuits.
(c) The Templars.
(d) The Franciscans.

4. What behavior characterizes Merton's life while he is teaching?
(a) He tells everyone he knows that he wants to be a priest.
(b) He no longer prays daily.
(c) He schedules his life as if he were a monk in a monastery.
(d) He works during the day and goes to bars at night.

5. What happens when Merton goes to confession after being told to withdraw his application for the priesthood?
(a) The priest tells Merton to count on his support.
(b) The priest says he is a friend of Father Edmund.
(c) The priest congratulates Merton on his efforts.
(d) The priest says Merton has no vocation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which saint becomes important to Merton when he receives the Baronness' advice?

2. What does Merton think his motive should be for writing?

3. What medical emergency does Merton experience while waiting to enter a monastery?

4. What does Merton desire just before going to Olean?

5. What sin is Merton most concerned with when he begins to write poetry?

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