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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Merton register his draft papers?
(a) He registers as a teacher.
(b) He registers as a non-combatant.
(c) He registers by following the example of Owen Merton.
(d) He registers as a novice in the priesthood.

2. What does Merton never consider once he becomes a monk?
(a) Becoming an abbot.
(b) Leaving the monastery.
(c) Teaching other monks.
(d) Talking to his brother.

3. How could Merton have registered for the draft?
(a) As a religious person.
(b) As a conscientious objector.
(c) As a lay person.
(d) As a lay person.

4. What details of war make Merton uncomfortable?
(a) Bombing raids and the death of innocent people.
(b) The experiences of the infantry.
(c) The destruction of monasteries.
(d) The hierarchy of the military.

5. Who is Father Edmund?
(a) A friend of Merton's brother.
(b) A friend of Dan Walsh.
(c) A friend of Owen Merton.
(d) A friend of Mark Van Doren.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were growing interests for Merton in Olean?

2. What impact does Catherine de Hueck have on Merton?

3. What does Merton tell his brother when he comes to Gethsemani?

4. What happens when Merton goes to confession after being told to withdraw his application for the priesthood?

5. What causes Merton's unhappiness when he is teaching?

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