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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Merton neglect to mention to the abbot?
(a) The sins of his past.
(b) His academic ranking at the university.
(c) His philosophical doubts.
(d) His travels to Rome.

2. What sends Merton into a frustrating "holding pattern"?
(a) Finding out that he was taken off the waiting list at St. Bonaventure.
(b) Being told that he must wait to find a teaching job until the next year.
(c) Discovering that his friends had sabotaged him in his desire to be a priest.
(d) Being told to withdraw his application to the monastery and that he has no vocation to be a priest.

3. What does Merton write in his draft papers?
(a) That he won't go into the military because he is religious.
(b) That he can't argue there is no just war.
(c) That he is ready to fight the enemy.
(d) That he must receive a teaching exemption.

4. How does Merton differentiate himself from an "ordinary Catholic"?
(a) He felt his faith more strongly because of a hospital experience.
(b) He needs more from religion than simply going to church.
(c) He has a lifetime of church-going behind him.
(d) He knows more about church history.

5. What does Merton remember when saying goodbye to his brother after his baptism?
(a) The places they lived.
(b) Their parents.
(c) Their relatives in Canada.
(d) Their childhood relationship.

6. Who suggests that Merton withdraw his application for the novitiate?
(a) Ed Rice.
(b) Father Edmund.
(c) Dan Walsh.
(d) Bob Lax.

7. Where does Merton first apply for a novitiate?
(a) The monastery of St. Francis of Assisi.
(b) A monastery in Pennsylvania.
(c) A monastery in Rome.
(d) The monastery of Zion Church.

8. What do Ed Rice and Bob Lax work on in Olean?
(a) They write church history.
(b) They both write autobiographies.
(c) They both write novels.
(d) They work on newspaper articles.

9. What behavior characterizes Merton's life while he is teaching?
(a) He no longer prays daily.
(b) He works during the day and goes to bars at night.
(c) He schedules his life as if he were a monk in a monastery.
(d) He tells everyone he knows that he wants to be a priest.

10. How many countries has Merton lived in by the time war breaks out?
(a) Five .
(b) Four.
(c) Six.
(d) Three.

11. What do Merton and his friends do in Olean?
(a) They play team sports.
(b) They have an automobile accident.
(c) They study drama and religion.
(d) They develop a monastery-like environment.

12. With whom does Merton receive the habit he will wear as a monk?
(a) Father Edmund.
(b) A friend from the university.
(c) A Carmelite he met on retreat.
(d) Bob Lax.

13. What, in Part 2, Chapter 2, causes Merton to feel enthusiastic?
(a) Going to confession.
(b) Learning Latin.
(c) Writing poems.
(d) Playing sports.

14. What does Merton think of Father Edmund's recommendation to apply to the order in August of 1940?
(a) Merton agrees and takes Father Edmund's advice.
(b) Merton thinks that is too long to wait.
(c) Merton decides not to apply to the priesthood until the next year.
(d) Merton becomes discouraged and thinks about not applying at all.

15. What is Friendship House?
(a) A cottage in New York.
(b) A monastery guesthouse.
(c) A place that helps poor residents in Harlem.
(d) A place to make a religious retreat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stops Merton from making his retreat at Gethsemani?

2. What religious order does Merton first consider joining?

3. When does Merton plan to make a retreat at Gethsemani when writing to the Abbott?

4. How does Merton imagine a monastery to be?

5. What analogy does Merton make in Part 2, Chapter 2, to describe his spiritual state?

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