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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Merton looking for in his choice of a religious Order?
(a) He wants an Order that is located near his university.
(b) He prefers an Order that allows him to converse with lay people.
(c) He wants an Order that gives him solitude and silence.
(d) He wants an Order that will let him join the war effort.

2. Who accepts Merton into the community of monks?
(a) Father Brown.
(b) Abbot Dom Frederic.
(c) Father Edmund.
(d) Abbot Snow.

3. What does Merton say he needs when he begins talking about being a priest?
(a) A rule that would prepare him to teach at the university.
(b) A rule designed to detach him from the world.
(c) A rule that would lead him to parish ministry.
(d) A rule that would allow him to do community outreach.

4. Which saint becomes important to Merton when he receives the Baronness' advice?
(a) St. Brigid of Ireland.
(b) St. Mary of Gethsemani.
(c) St. Catherine of Siena.
(d) St. Therese of Lisieux.

5. What does Merton see as his vocation while he is in Olean?
(a) Praying.
(b) Lecturing.
(c) Painting.
(d) Writing.

6. What, in Part 2, Chapter 2, causes Merton to feel enthusiastic?
(a) Going to confession.
(b) Playing sports.
(c) Learning Latin.
(d) Writing poems.

7. What do Merton and his friends do in Olean?
(a) They play team sports.
(b) They study drama and religion.
(c) They have an automobile accident.
(d) They develop a monastery-like environment.

8. What does Merton think of Father Edmund's recommendation to apply to the order in August of 1940?
(a) Merton decides not to apply to the priesthood until the next year.
(b) Merton thinks that is too long to wait.
(c) Merton becomes discouraged and thinks about not applying at all.
(d) Merton agrees and takes Father Edmund's advice.

9. How could Merton have registered for the draft?
(a) As a lay person.
(b) As a lay person.
(c) As a religious person.
(d) As a conscientious objector.

10. What does Merton want Father Edmund to do for him in regard to the novitiate?
(a) He wants Father Edmund to come with him to visit several monasteries.
(b) He wants Father Edmund to stop trying to push him into a particular religious order.
(c) He wants Father Edmund to find a way to implement early admission to the monastery.
(d) He wants Father Edmund to call the abbot and apologize for Merton's behavior.

11. Where is Merton's brother sent while Thomas is joining the monastery?
(a) On a ship to the Pacific.
(b) To visit the Baroness in Canada.
(c) On bombing raids over Europe.
(d) To join their relatives in Europe.

12. What details of war make Merton uncomfortable?
(a) The experiences of the infantry.
(b) The destruction of monasteries.
(c) The hierarchy of the military.
(d) Bombing raids and the death of innocent people.

13. In Part 3, Chapter 3, what does Merton decide is the work he is meant to do?
(a) To work with the poor and pray.
(b) To become a priest in Rome.
(c) To own a newspaper.
(d) To write and teach.

14. Where is Merton's brother during the time Merton is at Friendship House?
(a) He is sick and in the hospital.
(b) He is with the Royal Canadian Air Force.
(c) He is with the United States Navy.
(d) He is in the Army in France.

15. Who suggests that Merton withdraw his application for the novitiate?
(a) Dan Walsh.
(b) Bob Lax.
(c) Father Edmund.
(d) Ed Rice.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Merton's brother do before leaving on his voyage?

2. What was Merton hoping to gain at his country cottage?

3. Who is Father Edmund?

4. What does a Carmelite tell the Master of Novices about Merton?

5. Why can Merton register for the draft as a conscientious objector?

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