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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Merton make a retreat during Easter?
(a) Our Lady of Corpus Christi.
(b) To a cabin in upstate New York.
(c) Our Lady of Mt. Zion.
(d) Our Lady of Gethsemani.

2. What does Merton's brother do before leaving on his voyage?
(a) He consults with a priest about Merton's vocation.
(b) He asks Merton to meet him in New York.
(c) He asks to be baptized at Gethsemani.
(d) He decides to become a monk, too.

3. What analogy does Merton make in Part 2, Chapter 2, to describe his spiritual state?
(a) He likens his state to that of a hospital patient who has survived an operation.
(b) He describes his mind as a polluted river.
(c) He talks about his life as a monastery.
(d) He describes the state of his mind as similar to a hermitage.

4. What does Merton remember when saying goodbye to his brother after his baptism?
(a) Their relatives in Canada.
(b) Their childhood relationship.
(c) Their parents.
(d) The places they lived.

5. What does Merton see as his vocation while he is in Olean?
(a) Painting.
(b) Writing.
(c) Praying.
(d) Lecturing.

6. What action does Merton take to become a monk after lunch at the Columbia Faculty Club?
(a) He applies for early admission to the Franciscans.
(b) He writes to the abbot at Gethsemani.
(c) He visits his brother to discuss the matter.
(d) He follows the advice of Mark Van Doren.

7. What, in Part 2, Chapter 2, causes Merton to feel enthusiastic?
(a) Writing poems.
(b) Playing sports.
(c) Learning Latin.
(d) Going to confession.

8. What religious rule do the monks follow at Gethsemani?
(a) The Trappist rule.
(b) The Carmelite rule.
(c) The Franciscan rule.
(d) The Dominican rule.

9. What does Merton never consider once he becomes a monk?
(a) Leaving the monastery.
(b) Becoming an abbot.
(c) Teaching other monks.
(d) Talking to his brother.

10. How does Merton imagine a monastery to be?
(a) The brothers are all pious and devoted.
(b) The brothers want to advance in their religious careers.
(c) The brothers argue constantly.
(d) The brothers are plagued by doubt.

11. What makes Merton unhappy while he is teaching?
(a) He wants to visit Europe, but doesn't have the money.
(b) He wants to visit with his close friends, but they have been drafted.
(c) He wants to go on retreat, but can't decide where to go.
(d) He yearns to be a priest, but is told he doesn't have a vocation.

12. What do Ed Rice and Bob Lax work on in Olean?
(a) They both write novels.
(b) They work on newspaper articles.
(c) They both write autobiographies.
(d) They write church history.

13. Where is Merton's brother sent while Thomas is joining the monastery?
(a) On a ship to the Pacific.
(b) On bombing raids over Europe.
(c) To visit the Baroness in Canada.
(d) To join their relatives in Europe.

14. What country does Merton visit while waiting to enter the novitiate?
(a) Brazil.
(b) Argentina.
(c) Mexico.
(d) Cuba.

15. Where does John Paul die?
(a) At Gethsemani.
(b) In a hospital in Canada.
(c) On a train in France.
(d) In a plane crash in the North Sea.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Merton go to Friendship House often?

2. Where does Merton get a job as a teacher?

3. Where is Olean?

4. Where is Merton's brother during the time Merton is at Friendship House?

5. What sends Merton into a frustrating "holding pattern"?

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