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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Merton first talk with Father Edmund about becoming a priest?
(a) September, 1939.
(b) January, 1940.
(c) September, 1950.
(d) December, 1939.

2. Where does John Paul die?
(a) In a hospital in Canada.
(b) At Gethsemani.
(c) In a plane crash in the North Sea.
(d) On a train in France.

3. Where is Olean?
(a) Southern France.
(b) Kentucky.
(c) Upstate New York.
(d) Western Canada.

4. How does Merton register his draft papers?
(a) He registers as a novice in the priesthood.
(b) He registers as a non-combatant.
(c) He registers as a teacher.
(d) He registers by following the example of Owen Merton.

5. What pattern of behavior is repeated in Merton's quest for the priesthood?
(a) He would rather let circumstances push him in one direction or another.
(b) He asks everyone for advice and then ignores what he is told.
(c) He depends on others to make difficult decisions for him.
(d) After spending a delaying a decision, he is impatient for action once he decides.

6. Who is the Baroness?
(a) The woman who runs Friendship House.
(b) The woman who volunteers at St. Bonaventure.
(c) The woman who frustrates Merton romantically.
(d) The woman Merton meets on retreat.

7. Why does Merton go to Friendship House often?
(a) He wants recognition for his work.
(b) He needs the support of those who really loved Christ.
(c) He needs to be around women.
(d) He wants to be useful as a layperson.

8. What does Merton think his motive should be for writing?
(a) To teach his students about the world.
(b) To make money and support himself.
(c) To describe events from his travels.
(d) To glorify God and His teachings.

9. What behavior characterizes Merton's life while he is teaching?
(a) He schedules his life as if he were a monk in a monastery.
(b) He tells everyone he knows that he wants to be a priest.
(c) He works during the day and goes to bars at night.
(d) He no longer prays daily.

10. What is Merton's role at Friendship House?
(a) He is a guest of the owner.
(b) He is a volunteer.
(c) He raises money for the administration.
(d) He works as a priest.

11. What, in Part 2, Chapter 2, causes Merton to feel enthusiastic?
(a) Learning Latin.
(b) Going to confession.
(c) Writing poems.
(d) Playing sports.

12. What does Merton have to do upon joining the monastery?
(a) He must take a physical examination to prove his endurance.
(b) He must contact the draft board to inform them of his novitiate.
(c) He must confess the sins of his past to the Master of Novices.
(d) He must talk with others in the novitiate about their calling.

13. Who is Father Edmund?
(a) A friend of Mark Van Doren.
(b) A friend of Owen Merton.
(c) A friend of Dan Walsh.
(d) A friend of Merton's brother.

14. What does Merton's brother do before leaving on his voyage?
(a) He asks Merton to meet him in New York.
(b) He consults with a priest about Merton's vocation.
(c) He asks to be baptized at Gethsemani.
(d) He decides to become a monk, too.

15. What medical emergency does Merton experience while waiting to enter a monastery?
(a) He has an abcessed tooth extracted.
(b) He has serious stomach trouble and ulcers.
(c) He gets appendicitis and has surgery.
(d) He breaks his arm and must remain in a cast for months.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Merton plan to make a retreat at Gethsemani when writing to the Abbott?

2. What do Ed Rice and Bob Lax work on in Olean?

3. Where is Merton's brother sent while Thomas is joining the monastery?

4. Where does Merton first apply for a novitiate?

5. Who does Merton talk to when he first starts to tell people he wants to be a priest?

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