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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What words best describe Merton at the university?
(a) Intellectual and contemplative.
(b) Romantic and in love.
(c) Athletic and social.
(d) Religious and non-political.

2. What did Pop do that embarrassed Merton?
(a) He sang loudly in a bar.
(b) He disciplined Merton in public.
(c) He made Merton sit in the corner at dinner.
(d) He threw money at the French people from his car window.

3. What is the significance of Zion Church to Merton?
(a) His father designed the altar there.
(b) His father played the organ there.
(c) His aunt directed classes there.
(d) His uncle was the choirmaster there.

4. Of which place in St. Antonin does Merton have unpleasant memories?
(a) The Lycee.
(b) The countryside.
(c) The church.
(d) The museum.

5. Why does Owen Merton travel so frequently?
(a) He paints landscapes all over the world.
(b) He visits relatives.
(c) He is a traveling salesman.
(d) He is looking for a job.

6. When was Thomas Merton born?
(a) February 14, 1925.
(b) January 31, 1950.
(c) January 22, 1935.
(d) January 31, 1915.

7. How does Merton describe this book?
(a) It is the story of his travels.
(b) It is an autobiography of faith.
(c) It is a story about his father.
(d) It is the biography of his mother.

8. How does Merton describe his mother?
(a) She was an American perfectionist.
(b) She was a British artist.
(c) She was a divorced woman.
(d) She was an American pessimist.

9. What did Pop tell Merton while Owen was ill?
(a) That John Paul would be joining him at Oakham.
(b) That the Great Depression had ruined him financially.
(c) That Merton and his brother would be financially secure after their father's death.
(d) That he and Bonnemaman were moving to Paris.

10. What class does Merton say is the best he ever took at college?
(a) A comparative religion class.
(b) A physical education class.
(c) A philosophy class.
(d) A Shakespeare class.

11. How does Thomas Merton feel about his father?
(a) Merton dislikes his father's job.
(b) Merton's father is his hero.
(c) Merton wants to be a perfectionist like him.
(d) Merton is critical of his behavior.

12. What is one of the last things mentioned in Chapter 4 of Part 1?
(a) Merton's sins.
(b) Merton's aunt.
(c) Merton's lack of faith.
(d) Merton's love affair.

13. When was Merton baptized?
(a) January, 1940.
(b) November, 1939.
(c) December, 1940.
(d) September, 1937.

14. What is the Jester?
(a) A costume Merton wears to a party.
(b) A student publication.
(c) A card game Merton plays.
(d) A nickname for Merton's friend.

15. What is aseitas?
(a) An idea Merton thinks is without value.
(b) A word applied to monks.
(c) A medical condition.
(d) A Catholic concept regarding God.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Pop allow the 15-year-old Merton to do that really impressed him?

2. Where does Merton meet Bob Lax?

3. After graduating from college, what does Merton do?

4. What keeps Merton from athletic participation?

5. Who are Pop and Bonnemaman?

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