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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapter 3, The Harrowing of Hell.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Merton view his childhood?
(a) He hated living in Europe.
(b) He thought it was like everyone else's.
(c) He felt it was odd.
(d) He worried about having a home.

2. What does Merton love about America?
(a) Its cultural life.
(b) Its wealth and power.
(c) Its geography and landscapes.
(d) Its ideals and work ethic.

3. Why does Merton say he was "truly happy" in England?
(a) Because he is learning to play cricket.
(b) Because he is sincerely religious for the first time.
(c) Because he is living in England.
(d) Because he has many friends.

4. Why does Owen Merton travel so frequently?
(a) He paints landscapes all over the world.
(b) He is a traveling salesman.
(c) He is looking for a job.
(d) He visits relatives.

5. Who are Pop and Bonnemaman?
(a) People he met at school.
(b) Friends of his father.
(c) Neighbors of his mother.
(d) Thomas Merton's grandparents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What connection did Uncle Ben have with Durston House?

2. What does Merton miss when he left France for England?

3. Where did Merton spend his school holidays?

4. How did Merton's parents foster his love for the monastic life?

5. What does Merton do during the summer he returned to New York after a trip to Rome?

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