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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapter 4, The Children in the Market Place.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What connection did Uncle Ben have with Durston House?
(a) He played on its cricket team.
(b) He had been headmaster there.
(c) He was a teacher there.
(d) He went to school there.

2. What words best describe Merton at the university?
(a) Religious and non-political.
(b) Athletic and social.
(c) Intellectual and contemplative.
(d) Romantic and in love.

3. What are Merton's childhood memories of his brother?
(a) His brother was a tag-along.
(b) His brother was liked by older boys.
(c) His brother cried a lot.
(d) His brother went with him to school.

4. What does Merton love about America?
(a) Its ideals and work ethic.
(b) Its cultural life.
(c) Its geography and landscapes.
(d) Its wealth and power.

5. What is the Jester?
(a) A costume Merton wears to a party.
(b) A card game Merton plays.
(c) A nickname for Merton's friend.
(d) A student publication.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Pop do that embarrassed Merton?

2. Where was Thomas Merton born?

3. What did Merton's parents do for a living?

4. Of which place in St. Antonin does Merton have unpleasant memories?

5. When does Bonnemaman die?

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