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Map project

Thomas Merton lived in many places and traveled extensively throughout his life. Draw a map showing the places he lived and the routes he traveled.

Important books in your life

Works of literature had a major impact on Thomas Merton. Make a list of books that you've read that had an influence on you. In a three-minute oral presentation, tell why these books are especially important to you.

Comparison of monastic orders

Thomas Merton became a Trappist monk, but he researched other Orders before making his choice. Research another Order of monks and write a report describing how they differ from the Trappists.

Make a monk's robe and wear it for a day.

In a video or journalistic "expose-type" report, describe how it feels to wear something so different from what others are wearing.

Create an Internet scavenger hunt game about St. Antonin and Prades.


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