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• The book opens with a man who has found a collection of essays in a locked drawer in Kierkegaard's house.

• The man points out that the work is a diary fully of falsehood.

• The man wonders whether Kierkegaard intended for it to be published; he notes that Kierkegaard was more at home in a world beyond this one, and had an exacerbation of the brain.

• The girl's story comprises most of the diary; Kierkegaard appears interested in using the diary to paint himself as a seducer.
• Kierkegaard broke off the engagement despite loving the girl very much; the girl, Cordelia, was greatly hurt and a victim.

• The man speculates that Kierkegaard did not intend to lead Cordelia astray; in the same way, the man predicts, he will lead himself astray.

• It will be more terrible for Kierkegaard in the end, because he isolated himself and lived in...

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