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Short Answer Questions

1. What is a common way a religious person is likely to be corrupted?

2. What does Screwtape say the Enemy claims is unselfishness?

3. What does Screwtape mention is a devil's delight and will consistently provide a good supply of humans?

4. What is one of Screwtape's most preferred strategies about the human mind?

5. How does Lewis deal with the idea of fearful feelings?

Short Essay Questions

1. Lewis contends scholars cause confusion and the result is wisdom lost. How does Lewis explain his thinking on this?

2. How does Screwtape describe to Wormwood the basic eternal conflict between God and devils?

3. What does Lewis identify as the outcome of modern restless need for change?

4. Why does Screwtape say it is always a good tactic to use Christianity as a means to an end?

5. Lewis explains that in the end either God or Satan will claim a person's time, actions and ultimately the soul? How does each claim ownership in this eternal struggle between God and Satan?

6. What is a basic Lewis theme he illustrates when Wormwood asks is it desirable for the man to be in love or not to be in love?

7. What consistent Lewis theme about devil work is woven into Screwtape's specifics about women and love and sex and marriage?

8. Lewis points out that a virtue that is not upheld when needed is not a virtue at all. What are his instructions to Wormwood to prepare for such situations?

9. Letter 22 is loaded with humor demonstrating Lewis' narrative creativity. What are some examples of this humor?

10. How does Screwtape describe the influence of Hell and the devils when it comes to the idea of "falling in love".

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lewis asserts that "falling in love" is used to justify irresponsible behavior and sexual misconduct. It is a poor reason for an inappropriate marriage. Explain the time frame and details of his contention that successful marriage is built upon virtues.

Essay Topic 2

Circumstances do not matter but rather how a person deals with them is most important, according to Lewis. Modern news coverage and legal trials often delve intimately in to a person's past as explanation for current actions. Agree or refute Lewis's view point by elaborating upon whether such explanations are relevant and, secondly, address whether an explanation can be used for as disguised as justification.

Essay Topic 3

Lewis uses the term "church shopping" to describe an individual that looks with criticism and dissatisfaction upon successive churches, seeking one that satisfies a personal preference. All human decision making by definition requires at least two available options from which a choice can be made. Explain why "church shopping" is not the equivalent of routine decision making.

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