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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the goal of marrying off a patient to an unsuitable partner?

2. What sort of Christian does Screwtape prefer?

3. What does Screwtape identify as lacking in the current menu of sinners?

4. How does Lewis summarize the cosmic battle?

5. What does Screwtape say about cowardice?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Screwtape encourage Wormwood to have the couple sacrifice and be "unselfish" toward each other?

2. What does Lewis describe as the key to success in both the physical and the spiritual sense?

3. Why does Screwtape say it is always a good tactic to use Christianity as a means to an end?

4. Lewis contends scholars cause confusion and the result is wisdom lost. How does Lewis explain his thinking on this?

5. Lewis says mental escape hatches undermine people in every endeavor that requires courage and perseverance. What does he mean by this and how do mental escape hatches work?

6. Why does Screwtape advise Wormwood to focus upon the man's courage?

7. Why does Lewis think Christians should be alert to their social responsibilities?

8. The Bible, taught as the Word of God, describes marriage and sexual union as "one flesh", an irrevocable act, and teaches against divorce. What elements does Lewis state work against this classic Judaeo-Christian position?

9. What consistent Lewis theme about devil work is woven into Screwtape's specifics about women and love and sex and marriage?

10. Lewis again demonstrates cutting humor in letter 24 concerning the child who thinks whatever is used in her house is the "normal" one and anything used by the neighbors is "not normal", or the hunting dog who thinks it understands firearms simply because it enjoys hunting with the master. What is the point Lewis is making with these humorous examples?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Human progress is a chronicle of change in virtually all aspects of living to the extent that people seem to think change is not only inevitable and necessary, but also desirable. Elaborate on Lewis' premise that acquired knowledge can be lost from generation to generation because of rapid change. Provide examples of whether this is a favorable outcome.

Essay Topic 2

Lewis contends the human mind can be shifted to focus thinking on an abstract level as a means to avoid having to deal with the reality right in front of a person. Expand on the question whether this reality to abstraction is a permanent feature of American society as it relates to political campaigns.

Essay Topic 3

Lewis describes little mental escape hatches. Explain what is meant by the phrase, how it would relate to devil work if at all, and provide several examples of mental escape hatches.

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