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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of Screwtape's favorite tricks concerning Christianity?
(a) Suggest Christianity is a mind-numbing drug.
(b) Make Christianity a means to an end, thereby creating unattainable mental notions.
(c) Suggest Christianity is learned in childhood and is a childish idea.
(d) Propose Christianity exists only to comfort the weak.

2. What is the Judaeo-Christian principle that Lewis reinforces?
(a) Sexual intercourse and sexual perversions are not major issues.
(b) Marriage and sexual intercourse are irrevocable acts, not to be entered into lightly at all.
(c) "One flesh" is a discussion topic, not a real teaching.
(d) Marrying the wrong woman for the wrong reasons can still lead to happiness.

3. What does Lewis think has replaced spectacular sinning as the surest road to hell?
(a) Societal indifference toward others.
(b) Emphasis on the worldly and the material.
(c) Cultural numbness about truth and excellence, which leads to mediocrity.
(d) Uncontrolled sexual and selfish appetites.

4. What is one main theme Lewis repeatedly asserts?
(a) Life circumstances do not matter, the response is what matters.
(b) Virtue always dictate the circumstances.
(c) Response to circumstances is secondary, circumstances are primary.
(d) The essence of a life is to improve the circumstances.

5. How does Screwtape suggest sowing seeds of marital discord?
(a) Encourage each partner to be selfish during courtship.
(b) Encourage lustful sexual relations as much as possible.
(c) Encourage each partner to easily and readily sacrifice for the other.
(d) Encourage each partner to seek outside opinions on private matters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What preference by God does Screwtape view as nonsense?

2. What is the recurrent Lewis theme concerning the devils and reality?

3. How does Screwtape instruct Wormwood to take advantage of suffering?

4. What does Screwtape remind Wormwood is most important about the war?

5. What is Screwtape's basic idea about human life?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Screwtape advise Wormwood to focus upon the man's courage?

2. According to Lewis, what is required to sustain a marriage because sexual attraction is simply not enough?

3. What does Lewis identify as the outcome of modern restless need for change?

4. Screwtape advises that humans have absurd ideas about time. How does he explain the absurdities to Wormwood?

5. Screwtape chastises Wormwood for the unsatisfactory ending of the man. What is the description Lewis provides relative to the entrance into the spiritual realm?

6. What is Lewis' concluding characterization of the modern age?

7. What does Lewis describe as the key to success in both the physical and the spiritual sense?

8. Why does Lewis think Christians should be alert to their social responsibilities?

9. Letter 22 is loaded with humor demonstrating Lewis' narrative creativity. What are some examples of this humor?

10. The Bible, taught as the Word of God, describes marriage and sexual union as "one flesh", an irrevocable act, and teaches against divorce. What elements does Lewis state work against this classic Judaeo-Christian position?

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