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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the key point Screwtape tells about time?
(a) Nobody really knows what time it is.
(b) Time is a silly measure invented by mankind.
(c) People do not truly understand time and how to use it.
(d) Time is a gift to be used in the service of God.

2. How does Screwtape instruct Wormwood to take advantage of suffering?
(a) Encourage a person to confuse suffering and virtue.
(b) Muddle thinking to conclude life purpose is to suffer.
(c) Muddle thinking to conclude life purpose is to suffer.
(d) Have the person set limits as to suffering endured that when exceeded causes despair.

3. What does Screwtape describe as Wormwood's fate now that the struggle is over?
(a) He will be re-assigned to Training School
(b) He will be given a less challenging patient.
(c) He will be assigned to a different member of the same patient's family
(d) He will be eaten in Hell, where the strong consume the weak.

4. As a result of devilish influence, what do people think about "falling in love"?
(a) The idea is only for the young and naïve.
(b) The idea is completely old-fashioned.
(c) This can happen to anyone at any time.
(d) This is the only good reason to marry and have sex.

5. What is Screwtape's response to whether it is desirable for a patient to be in love?
(a) Neither desirable or undesirable, only useful if it can corrupt.
(b) Always desirable, befuddles the patient.
(c) Always undesirable, provides the patient an ally.
(d) Always undesirable, directs the mind to God.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do devils divorce humans from the learning of thinkers of the past?

2. What does Lewis think is the key to human dignity?

3. According to Screwtape, a person can rightfully claim ownership to __________.

4. What does Lewis remind is a reliable road to Hell?

5. What should Wormwood do to encourage snappishness and increase aggravations?

Short Essay Questions

1. Letter 22 is loaded with humor demonstrating Lewis' narrative creativity. What are some examples of this humor?

2. What consistent Lewis theme about devil work is woven into Screwtape's specifics about women and love and sex and marriage?

3. What does Screwtape outline as the strategy for instilling spiritual pride in a human?

4. Lewis explains that in the end either God or Satan will claim a person's time, actions and ultimately the soul? How does each claim ownership in this eternal struggle between God and Satan?

5. How does Screwtape describe the influence of Hell and the devils when it comes to the idea of "falling in love".

6. What does Lewis identify as the outcome of modern restless need for change?

7. Rather than "falling" into anything, what does Lewis see as sensible marriage without influence from Hell and devils?

8. Screwtape advises that humans have absurd ideas about time. How does he explain the absurdities to Wormwood?

9. Why does Lewis think Christians should be alert to their social responsibilities?

10. Lewis contends scholars cause confusion and the result is wisdom lost. How does Lewis explain his thinking on this?

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