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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is God's love viewed from Hell's standpoint?
(a) A useful concept because people tend to reject it.
(b) A useful concept because people unsuccessfully try to "earn" it.
(c) Devious and selfish, totally incomprehensible and impossible.
(d) A fanciful notion with no basis or proof.

2. What is the goal of marrying off a patient to an unsuitable partner?
(a) God loses much interest and moves on.
(b) Sexual intercourse happens infrequently.
(c) Sexual perversion is almost a sure thing.
(d) Maximum misery and a loss of faith.

3. What is the key point Screwtape tells about time?
(a) Time is a gift to be used in the service of God.
(b) Nobody really knows what time it is.
(c) Time is a silly measure invented by mankind.
(d) People do not truly understand time and how to use it.

4. Focusing upon impossible ideals detracts from what?
(a) Enjoyment of sexual intercourse.
(b) Enjoyment of images of women .
(c) Earthly happiness.
(d) Marriage for the wrong reasons.

5. What aspect about humans concerning change has always been useful to devils?
(a) Restlessness for change.
(b) Acceptance of change.
(c) Resistance to change.
(d) Alternating change.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is upsetting to Screwtape about the sudden demise?

2. What is the one thing a human struggles with that can lessen with age and help the devils?

3. What is one of Screwtape's favorite tricks concerning Christianity?

4. What does Wormwood's fate illustrate?

5. How does Screwtape suggest to use the information he is providing to Wormwood?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lewis' concluding characterization of the modern age?

2. What does Lewis describe as the surest road to hell?

3. What does Lewis identify as the outcome of modern restless need for change?

4. How does Screwtape regard the human restlessness for change, as a positive or a negative?

5. How does Lewis portray the man as representative of humankind?

6. Lewis explains that in the end either God or Satan will claim a person's time, actions and ultimately the soul? How does each claim ownership in this eternal struggle between God and Satan?

7. Screwtape chastises Wormwood for the unsatisfactory ending of the man. What is the description Lewis provides relative to the entrance into the spiritual realm?

8. The Bible, taught as the Word of God, describes marriage and sexual union as "one flesh", an irrevocable act, and teaches against divorce. What elements does Lewis state work against this classic Judaeo-Christian position?

9. Part of Screwtape's toast at the annual dinner of the Tempters' Training College is an explanation of how Democracy helps devils work. What are the highlights of this help that Democracy provides?

10. What consistent Lewis theme about devil work is woven into Screwtape's specifics about women and love and sex and marriage?

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