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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What usually brings a person to Hell?
(a) Denial of the existence of the Enemy.
(b) Accumulation of material wealth.
(c) Small betrayals of the true self.
(d) Sexual liaisons and sexual betrayals.

2. What does Screwtape think is the true danger about wars?
(a) Creates heroes and legends people will believe.
(b) Diverts people from themselves to perceived higher values and causes.
(c) Resolves differences among enemies.
(d) Occupies people's minds, making distraction difficult.

3. What are heavenly pleasures that reflect love of friends and family for one another?
(a) Attendance at church together.
(b) Joy and fun.
(c) Food and drink.
(d) Travels together on vacations.

4. What does Screwtape describe as the only useful thing about war?
(a) War usually leads to more future wars.
(b) War separates and destroys families.
(c) War brings fear and anxiety to humans.
(d) War brings souls to Our Father Below.

5. When does sex work best in the fiend's favor?
(a) When the patient is an adolescent.
(b) When sex is readily available and involves multiple partners.
(c) When sex involves deceit of another.
(d) When sex is bereft of love, as a remedy for emotional pain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lewis say is the modern fiend's methods of temptation?

2. What does Screwtape suggest is a good strategy for ongoing fiend work?

3. When does Screwtape think it more advisable that the patient not think about the future?

4. Why should patient prayers focus on the spiritual, never the practical?

5. What does the thought 'religion is all very well up to a point' lead to?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Screwtape so heartily approve of the man's new friends that are bright, funny, skeptical, wealthy, and worldly?

2. Screwtape tells Wormwood major serious sin is useful but dangerous because it could lead the man back to God. What does he describe as preferable and much less likely to lead to God?

3. Why does Screwtape advise if the patient must pray at all, center prayer on his feelings and images?

4. Relating to religious bodies, what does Screwtape say has proven very useful for producing malice over the centuries?

5. What does Screwtape explain about the dynamics of a person who is church shopping?

6. Why does Screwtape tell Wormwood war is not necessarily always a good thing?

7. Screwtape tells Wormwood he can possibly win the battle for the man's soul by getting him to join a faction, any faction. How is this possible?

8. Screwtape reminds Wormwood it is always important to focus on a person's feelings. Why are feelings seen to be advantageous to devil work?

9. Screwtape tells Wormwood the English people are hateful in the abstract but kindly in the concrete. How does he suggest Wormwood use this information regarding the patient?

10. Why does Screwtape encourage Wormwood to play upon the man's disappointment with his fellow churchgoers?

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