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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Screwtape especially angry about the couple?
(a) They feel sexual attraction to each other, and God approves of it.
(b) They hold no secrets from one another.
(c) They expect and are planning for happiness in marriage.
(d) They openly express love of God.

2. What does Screwtape say is the outcome of a person thinking time is their own?
(a) Entitlement to prevail upon the time of another.
(b) Exasperation and impatience when "his/her" time is impinged upon.
(c) Lack of focus and procrastination.
(d) Laziness and wasting of time.

3. Why is sexual perversion a useful tool for the fiend?
(a) Sexual perversion breeds distrust.
(b) God tolerates sexual perversion.
(c) Sexual perversion diverts a person's thinking about sexuality within marriage.
(d) Sexual perversion is fun and satisfying.

4. According to Screwtape, a person can rightfully claim ownership to __________.
(a) The soul.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The time in service to God.
(d) The body.

5. What does Screwtape say about cowardice?
(a) Humans always try to label true cowardice as something else.
(b) Every human feels genuine shame about cowardice.
(c) Most humans do not recognize what is true cowardice.
(d) Cowardice is a natural human trait instilled at birth.

6. What is upsetting to Screwtape about the sudden demise?
(a) The patient "got through" without slow suffering plus he immediately recognized the workings of Wormwood.
(b) The patient had too much time for preparation.
(c) Wormwood was inattentive and all was lost.
(d) Wormwood failed to ask Screwtape's help at the end.

7. What is it that Lewis warns undermines courage and perseverance?
(a) Concern about the opinions of others.
(b) An untested belief in the ability to act the hero.
(c) Mental escape hatches that provide an "out."
(d) Prior instances of cowardice.

8. Why does Lewis think it is a good thing when Christians are aware of their social responsibilities?
(a) They can advance social causes.
(b) They will not become confused that their social and spiritual responsibilities are one and the same.
(c) They will realize that their social and spiritual responsibilities are one and the same.
(d) They can identify non-believers in social situations.

9. How does Lewis explain the way to recognize what is not real virtue?
(a) When a negative outcome is attributed hidden virtue.
(b) When a supposed virtue causes a supposed sin.
(c) Virtue that is not upheld in the face of threat is no real virtue.
(d) When a human offers explanations of personally held virtues.

10. How should Wormwood try to portray Christianity?
(a) A massive group of befuddled people.
(b) A committee of clueless volunteers
(c) A mystery religion known only to the select.
(d) A cult with an absent leader.

11. What preference by God does Screwtape view as nonsense?
(a) Sexual intercourse is reserved for mature adults only.
(b) Multiple sexual acts should always be repented.
(c) Sexual intercourse creates a temporary bond.
(d) Unity in diversity, such as male and female as one flesh.

12. What does Lewis remind is a reliable road to Hell?
(a) The long, slow, slippery slope.
(b) The lack of prayer.
(c) Dramatic sins followed by early death.
(d) The lack of response to prayers to God.

13. How does Screwtape describe an "infernal Venus"?
(a) A woman who makes a man feel sexually inferior.
(b) A woman that reminds a man of his mother.
(c) A woman who satisfies sexual appetites while making life a living hell.
(d) A woman who does not satisfy sexual needs.

14. What is the point Lewis is making with the quotation "Experience is the mother of illusion"?
(a) God's purpose of human free will is to create illusion.
(b) Relying on personal experience can bind a person to their mistakes.
(c) God allows humans to experience emotion.
(d) There is no truth because everything is an illusion.

15. What does Lewis think is the key to human dignity?
(a) To center thought only on God.
(b) To do one's duty, no matter what.
(c) To deny earthly satisfaction in favor of imagined suffering.
(d) To banish thoughts of spirits and devils.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lewis think slowed twentieth century progress and thereby helped Hell?

2. What does Screwtape mention is a devil's delight and will consistently provide a good supply of humans?

3. What does Lewis advise is the outcome of lack of commitment to important matters?

4. How does Lewis summarize the cosmic battle?

5. What does Lewis think is needed within a marriage?

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