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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Screwtape advise as war nears the man's home town?
(a) Encourage the man not to resist, rely upon the Enemy.
(b) Encourage the man to hate all humanity.
(c) Undermine courage in the man because it is the forge point of all virtues.
(d) Encourage the man to reckless selfishness.

2. What has Screwtape learned in corresponding with Slumtrimpet, the girlfriend's fiend?
(a) She is innocently naïve about any faith or versions except her own.
(b) She secretly harbors resentment about her faith.
(c) She sees marriage as an escape from family faith.
(d) She sees sex to be used as a trap toward marriage.

3. How should Wormwood try to portray Christianity?
(a) A committee of clueless volunteers
(b) A massive group of befuddled people.
(c) A mystery religion known only to the select.
(d) A cult with an absent leader.

4. What sort of Christian does Screwtape prefer?
(a) Uncommitted Christians.
(b) Christians interested in Christianity and something else.
(c) Christians befuddled by Christianity.
(d) Mere Christians.

5. In Lewis's viewpoint, true love in marriage depends heavily upon what?
(a) Sexual intercourse.
(b) Society support.
(c) Virtues.
(d) Good fortune.

6. How does Lewis explain the way to recognize what is not real virtue?
(a) When a negative outcome is attributed hidden virtue.
(b) When a supposed virtue causes a supposed sin.
(c) When a human offers explanations of personally held virtues.
(d) Virtue that is not upheld in the face of threat is no real virtue.

7. Why is sexual perversion a useful tool for the fiend?
(a) God tolerates sexual perversion.
(b) Sexual perversion diverts a person's thinking about sexuality within marriage.
(c) Sexual perversion breeds distrust.
(d) Sexual perversion is fun and satisfying.

8. What does Screwtape again need to remind Wormwood about the war?
(a) War itself provokes an increase in prayer.
(b) War itself is secondary to how people act during a war.
(c) War provides opportunity to create heroes.
(d) War provides a distraction from attention to God.

9. What virtue does Screwtape suggest will be lacking in the patient because of his new friends?
(a) Humility.
(b) Forgiveness.
(c) Love.
(d) Honesty.

10. How does Screwtape suggest sowing seeds of marital discord?
(a) Encourage lustful sexual relations as much as possible.
(b) Encourage each partner to easily and readily sacrifice for the other.
(c) Encourage each partner to be selfish during courtship.
(d) Encourage each partner to seek outside opinions on private matters.

11. How does Screwtape describe an "infernal Venus"?
(a) A woman who makes a man feel sexually inferior.
(b) A woman who does not satisfy sexual needs.
(c) A woman who satisfies sexual appetites while making life a living hell.
(d) A woman that reminds a man of his mother.

12. What does Screwtape advise is the best means to get a person to act cowardly?
(a) Fill the mind with little escape hatches in advance of the time courage is needed.
(b) Instill thoughts of jealousy and envy.
(c) Provide historical examples of humans that failed tests of courage.
(d) Remind the patient of personal shortcomings.

13. Why does Screwtape think it is best not to have a person die young?
(a) Life short in years gives the devil less to work with.
(b) Disappointments in life and fatigue of fighting the same temptations best prepare a person for Hell.
(c) Young souls in Hell are not very interesting.
(d) Life short in years precludes using the devil's best tactics.

14. What is the point Lewis is making with the quotation "Experience is the mother of illusion"?
(a) There is no truth because everything is an illusion.
(b) God's purpose of human free will is to create illusion.
(c) God allows humans to experience emotion.
(d) Relying on personal experience can bind a person to their mistakes.

15. Why does Screwtape advise that unselfishness is fertile ground for marital strife?
(a) A woman thinks it is taking trouble for others, a man thinks it is not giving trouble to others.
(b) Unselfishness can alter a person's thinking.
(c) Unselfishness leads to sexual dysfunction.
(d) There is not any way to define unselfishness.

Short Answer Questions

1. Due to devilish ideas, what do people think about sexual satisfaction only through marriage?

2. What does Screwtape remind Wormwood is most important about the war?

3. Why does Lewis contend scholars are the least likely to learn from thinkers of the past?

4. What does Lewis think has replaced spectacular sinning as the surest road to hell?

5. What does Lewis remind is a reliable road to Hell?

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