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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Screwtape say is the end result of the devil's Historical Point of View?
(a) Discourages people from learning about history.
(b) Discourages people from innovative modern thinking.
(c) Encourages scholars to research more history.
(d) Prevents wisdom from being passed from generation to generation.

2. What does Screwtape advise as war nears the man's home town?
(a) Encourage the man to hate all humanity.
(b) Encourage the man not to resist, rely upon the Enemy.
(c) Encourage the man to reckless selfishness.
(d) Undermine courage in the man because it is the forge point of all virtues.

3. How does Screwtape instruct Wormwood to use the horrors of war?
(a) Use the horror that happens to create hateful thoughts of more horror.
(b) Use the scenes of horror to induce cowardice.
(c) Let humans think that only horror is real, goodness and beauty are not equally real.
(d) Use the scenes of horror to provke anger toward God.

4. How do devils divorce humans from the learning of thinkers of the past?
(a) Suggest the authors fit only to their time and place in history.
(b) Discourage people by making past figures larger than life itself.
(c) Befuddle people by mixing falsehood with history.
(d) Suggest the authors had simplistic viewpoints.

5. What does Screwtape say the Enemy claims is unselfishness?
(a) Justice.
(b) Charity.
(c) Chastity.
(d) Marital fidelity.

6. Why does Lewis think it is a good thing when Christians are aware of their social responsibilities?
(a) They can advance social causes.
(b) They can identify non-believers in social situations.
(c) They will realize that their social and spiritual responsibilities are one and the same.
(d) They will not become confused that their social and spiritual responsibilities are one and the same.

7. What does Lewis label Christianity attached only to its own unchanging precepts?
(a) Ancient Christianity.
(b) Modern Christianity.
(c) Fashionable Christianity.
(d) Mere Christianity.

8. What is the point Lewis is making with the quotation "Experience is the mother of illusion"?
(a) God allows humans to experience emotion.
(b) God's purpose of human free will is to create illusion.
(c) Relying on personal experience can bind a person to their mistakes.
(d) There is no truth because everything is an illusion.

9. What does Lewis think is required to sustain a marriage?
(a) Real charity practiced day in and day out.
(b) Strict rules about selfishness.
(c) Forgiveness concerning conflicting views.
(d) Modest views about sexual matters.

10. What is the Judaeo-Christian principle that Lewis reinforces?
(a) Marrying the wrong woman for the wrong reasons can still lead to happiness.
(b) Marriage and sexual intercourse are irrevocable acts, not to be entered into lightly at all.
(c) Sexual intercourse and sexual perversions are not major issues.
(d) "One flesh" is a discussion topic, not a real teaching.

11. What does Screwtape tell Wormwood is an excellent way to stop human prayer?
(a) Emphasize unfairness of life.
(b) Emphasize the successes of dishonesty.
(c) Raise doubts that asking God for things is appropriate at all.
(d) Raise doubts that God exists.

12. What does Screwtape advise is the best means to get a person to act cowardly?
(a) Remind the patient of personal shortcomings.
(b) Instill thoughts of jealousy and envy.
(c) Provide historical examples of humans that failed tests of courage.
(d) Fill the mind with little escape hatches in advance of the time courage is needed.

13. What is one of Screwtape's favorite tricks concerning Christianity?
(a) Propose Christianity exists only to comfort the weak.
(b) Suggest Christianity is a mind-numbing drug.
(c) Make Christianity a means to an end, thereby creating unattainable mental notions.
(d) Suggest Christianity is learned in childhood and is a childish idea.

14. What pernicious things does Lewis say can claim a soul away from God?
(a) Abandonment of positive thoughts and hopes.
(b) A lifetime of prosperity and worldliness.
(c) Charity and good intentions to the point of obsession.
(d) Choice of unsuitable friends and habits.

15. How does Lewis summarize the cosmic battle?
(a) God's forces are angels and the living; Satan's forces are countless fiends.
(b) The world is equally balanced between good and evil.
(c) Good will only triumph through man's actions.
(d) God's nature is to create and give; Satan's nature is to plot and steal.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Lewis's viewpoint, true love in marriage depends heavily upon what?

2. Due to devilish ideas, what do people think about sexual satisfaction only through marriage?

3. To what animal does Screwtape compare the patient concerning knowledge versus likings?

4. What does Lewis advise is the outcome of lack of commitment to important matters?

5. What does Screwtape say is the Enemy's standard about sexual matters?

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