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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How should the fiend encourage the patient to think about malice and benevolence?
(a) Malice toward those remote and unknown, benevolence toward the neighbors.
(b) Malice toward the neighbors, benevolence toward those remote and unknown.
(c) Malice toward declared enemies of war, benevolence to injured.
(d) Malice toward war leaders, benevolence to people affected by war.

2. How does Screwtape think about the patient's mind?
(a) Pyramid shape with the will as the base.
(b) Several layers with the will as the largest.
(c) Concentric circles with the will as the innermost.
(d) Separated compartments with the will as the smallest.

3. According to Lewis, when should a person be uncritical of other Christians' practices?
(a) When the practices are time consuming and demanding.
(b) When the practices involve the Enemy.
(c) When the practices are similar to the church a person attends.
(d) When the practices do not involve actual sin.

4. Screwtape says humans living together will develop which of these over time?
(a) Dependency about practical life matters.
(b) Spiritual awareness of the other.
(c) Contradictory love and hate feelings.
(d) Voice tones and facials that irritate.

5. What is the doctrine almost all humans profess but find difficult to accept?
(a) Talent is not created by a human, but a gift from God.
(b) God directs human memory.
(c) All wrongs can be fixed.
(d) Sinfulness is seldom extreme.

6. Why does Screwtape advise it is good the new Christian is still going to church?
(a) Keeps him alert to the sins of fellow churchgoers.
(b) Keeps his focus on empty ritual rather than substance.
(c) Keeps him from noticing his faith is slipping away.
(d) Allows him to think he understands all about the Enemy.

7. Why does Screwtape distrust church in general?
(a) Church is good for the soul.
(b) Church can make a person feel happy.
(c) Church can encourage the young.
(d) Church brings too many different elements together in harmony.

8. Why should patient prayers focus on the spiritual, never the practical?
(a) Practical matters and solutions have no place in prayers.
(b) Channels his energy on useless dialog with the Enemy.
(c) Keeps attention on what he sees as sins.
(d) Eliminates the need to take action by the patient.

9. When is the fiend's mission in the greatest danger?
(a) When the patient chooses the spiritual instead of science.
(b) When the patient exercises free will and chooses loyalty to the Enemy.
(c) When the patient accepts that the Enemy exists.
(d) When the patient exercises free will.

10. Why are sincere likings tools of the Enemy? . •
(a) Sincere likings bond the person to the Enemy.
(b) Sincere likings seldom change over time.
(c) Sincere likings make the person true to himself or herself.
(d) Sincere likings nourish the soul.

11. What is a reliable tactic to use on a new Christian?
(a) Convince him the world is basically good.
(b) Stir childhood memories of God.
(c) Flit his thinking from Christianity to his neighbors in the pews.
(d) Convince him the world is basically evil.

12. What does Screwtape suggest is a good strategy for ongoing fiend work?
(a) Allow the free will to seek sex perversions as a phase.
(b) Sex should always be overemphasized.
(c) All pleasures should be encouraged as only a phase.
(d) Get the patient to think in terms of phases.

13. Which type of prayer pleases the Enemy the most?
(a) Prayer during periods of spiritual dryness.
(b) Prayer during bereavement or loss of goods.
(c) Prayer of thanks during good times.
(d) Prayer directed against fiends.

14. How should Wormwood try to develop permanent deceit in the patient?
(a) Participate in church affairs and worldly affairs at the same time.
(b) Avoid church going people.
(c) Encourage self-perception as a complex person superior to others.
(d) Convince the patient that the more science he knows the better.

15. When is Wormwood close to winning the soul of the patient in a faction?
(a) When the number of souls in a faction is extremely large.
(b) When the patient comes to believe the faction is part of the religion.
(c) When factions become violent toward others.
(d) When the patient faction links with other factions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of the best fiend tactics to use during spiritual dullness?

2. What are the best sort of jokes?

3. What is the goal of true humility?

4. What does the Enemy view as true loyalty?

5. When does sex work best in the fiend's favor?

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