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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why should a fiend never use science?
(a) Science has too many sub-sections.
(b) Science is too difficult to understand.
(c) Science changes over time.
(d) Science prompts a person to think.

2. What does Lewis say is the modern fiend's methods of temptation?
(a) Create a false sense of sophistication about life experiences.
(b) Muddle the essentials of old-fashioned concepts such as gluttony.
(c) Create vanities that become excesses of thought or action.
(d) Convince people the old-fashioned concepts are false.

3. When is Wormwood close to winning the soul of the patient in a faction?
(a) When the number of souls in a faction is extremely large.
(b) When the patient faction links with other factions.
(c) When the patient comes to believe the faction is part of the religion.
(d) When factions become violent toward others.

4. What does Lewis think makes a person slave to the appetites?
(a) Vanity about food knowledge and food preparation.
(b) Disregard of the opinion of others about consumption.
(c) Reliance upon dieting.
(d) Strong attachment to what goes into the mouth.

5. Why are factions to be encouraged by fiends?
(a) Factions suppress positive thinking.
(b) Factions foster pride and hatred.
(c) Factions draw people away from the Enemy.
(d) Factions divide families and friends.

6. What does Screwtape say is the modern version of gluttony?
(a) Close attention to dieting even at the inconvenience of others.
(b) Excess consumption of desserts at mealtime.
(c) Taking food away from the serving table in "doggy bags."
(d) Excess consumption of liquor at mealtime.

7. What is the means to allow awakening in the patient?
(a) Repentance of all major sins.
(b) Stillness of the soul.
(c) Rejection of materialistic mindset.
(d) Overcoming small, bad habits.

8. What is the wine of fiends to be sipped eternally?
(a) The dishonesty of humans.
(b) Human habits of indifference and laziness.
(c) Anguish and bewilderment of the soul of the damned.
(d) War and cruelty.

9. What does Screwtape remind is the real business of a fiend?
(a) Foster anger and resentment.
(b) Alienate by word and action those closest to the patient.
(c) Constantly develop the patient's life regrets.
(d) Undermine faith and prevent formation of virtue.

10. What does Screwtape see as one advantage of church?
(a) Church is inconvenient.
(b) Church can become a mindless habit.
(c) Church can be made rife with factionalism.
(d) Church can become routine and boring.

11. Why is it best to discourage belief in fiends?
(a) Belief by patients leads to fiend failure
(b) Non-belief makes it easier to believe in materialism.
(c) Belief makes fiends lazy and unimaginative.
(d) Non-belief makes a patient lazy and unimaginative.

12. What does a new Christian think about going to church with commonplace neighbors?
(a) Necessary but unpleasant.
(b) Gains much favor with God.
(c) The best means to know God's will.
(d) Shows humility and condescension.

13. What are heavenly pleasures that reflect love of friends and family for one another?
(a) Joy and fun.
(b) Attendance at church together.
(c) Food and drink.
(d) Travels together on vacations.

14. How should Wormwood encourage the patient to think concerning humility?
(a) Humility means agreeing with the sinful opinion of others.
(b) Humility means self-denigration and denial of one's talents.
(c) Humility always gains favor with the worldly.
(d) Humility can mask the patient's sinfulness.

15. How does Screwtape summarize that it is fine if the patient only feels renewed?
(a) In the long run, the more he feels and the less he acts, the less he will be able to feel.
(b) In the long run, the more he acts and the less he feels, the less he will be able to act.
(c) Feelings do not have a long run.
(d) In the long run, the more he is able to act, the less he is able to feel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why should patient prayers focus on the spiritual, never the practical?

2. Why is the laughter of joy and fun no good to the devils?

3. What should Wormwood do if the patient begins to think fiends exist?

4. What does Screwtape think is particularly fun about churches?

5. What have the Enemy's servants taught for 2000 years as the greatest temptation?

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