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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Screwtape remind is the real business of a fiend?
(a) Alienate by word and action those closest to the patient.
(b) Foster anger and resentment.
(c) Undermine faith and prevent formation of virtue.
(d) Constantly develop the patient's life regrets.

2. What does it indicate when a person is continually church shopping?
(a) The person does not understand the nature of humanity.
(b) The person is looking for virtues.
(c) The person is gaining deeper understanding of the Enemy.
(d) The person is looking at churches with criticism and dissatisfaction.

3. How does the Enemy want the patient to view the future?
(a) As part of eternity.
(b) As unrelated to the present.
(c) As a logical outcome of the present.
(d) As unrelated to the past.

4. What is the law of Undulation?
(a) The human mindset often follows the seasonal changes.
(b) Good times are always followed by regret.
(c) The life of a human is a series of peaks and troughs.
(d) Humans usually forget things, then repeat those same actions.

5. What does Lewis think makes a person slave to the appetites?
(a) Reliance upon dieting.
(b) Strong attachment to what goes into the mouth.
(c) Vanity about food knowledge and food preparation.
(d) Disregard of the opinion of others about consumption.

6. What is the origin of all pleasure, including sex?
(a) Worldly success.
(b) Our Father Below.
(c) The Enemy.
(d) Free will.

7. What is the role of the language department of Hell?
(a) Corrupt the meaning of a word, thereby corrupting the idea.
(b) Promote bad news items to create anxiety.
(c) Suggest meaningless jargon.
(d) Promote good news items to provoke jealousy.

8. How can a fiend best use pleasures the patient experiences?
(a) Suggest less of the same to create tension.
(b) Suggest more of the same to the point of overindulgence.
(c) Encourage forbidden uses of pleasure.
(d) Encourage regret and resentment.

9. When is Wormwood close to winning the soul of the patient in a faction?
(a) When the patient comes to believe the faction is part of the religion.
(b) When the patient faction links with other factions.
(c) When factions become violent toward others.
(d) When the number of souls in a faction is extremely large.

10. Screwtape says the best fiend work is done this way.
(a) Planting suggestive thoughts during a patient's idle moments.
(b) Keeping things out of the mind rather than planting things within it.
(c) Encouraging the patient to hold God accountable.
(d) Reviewing his fantasies while the patient rests.

11. What will cause a person to retreat from the Enemy into the darkness of Nothing? .
(a) Accumulation of many small sins.
(b) Repetition of major sins.
(c) Opposition by family and friends.
(d) Repetition of sexual perversions

12. Why is the laughter of joy and fun no good to the devils?
(a) Sets a good example to children.
(b) Creates a longing for more of the same.
(c) It is related to Heaven.
(d) It can become permanent.

13. Why does St. Paul suggest others should submit to those with rigid opinions concerning church details?
(a) To dissent is to divide.
(b) To oppose others is not Christian.
(c) This is part of Christian charity.
(d) This is part of God's trials.

14. When is the fiend's mission in the greatest danger?
(a) When the patient chooses the spiritual instead of science.
(b) When the patient exercises free will and chooses loyalty to the Enemy.
(c) When the patient exercises free will.
(d) When the patient accepts that the Enemy exists.

15. How should Wormwood try to develop permanent deceit in the patient?
(a) Convince the patient that the more science he knows the better.
(b) Participate in church affairs and worldly affairs at the same time.
(c) Encourage self-perception as a complex person superior to others.
(d) Avoid church going people.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name that issues policy for fiends?

2. Why is subtly by degrees Screwtape's preferred method of temptation?

3. What is Screwtape's description of the safest road to Hell?

4. Why does Screwtape distrust church in general?

5. Where do the fiends receive training?

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