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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Screwtape think it more advisable that the patient not think about the future?
(a) If the patient thinks the Enemy servants will provide protection.
(b) If the patient thinks he should arm himself with virtues in the present.
(c) If the patient has a dull imagination.
(d) If the patient foresees a world identical to the present.

2. Why does Screwtape have little regard for a patient's feelings?
(a) Feelings are usually short-lived and conflicting.
(b) Feelings cannot be combated easily.
(c) Feelings are seldom important, actions are what matter.
(d) Feelings can be easily manipulated by family and friends.

3. What is the goal of true humility?
(a) To turn the person's attention to God and others.
(b) To turn the person's attention to all sinfulness.
(c) To guarantee God is pleased.
(d) To guarantee salvation of the soul.

4. How should the fiend encourage the patient to think about malice and benevolence?
(a) Malice toward declared enemies of war, benevolence to injured.
(b) Malice toward the neighbors, benevolence toward those remote and unknown.
(c) Malice toward those remote and unknown, benevolence toward the neighbors.
(d) Malice toward war leaders, benevolence to people affected by war.

5. Screwtape says the best fiend work is done this way.
(a) Keeping things out of the mind rather than planting things within it.
(b) Encouraging the patient to hold God accountable.
(c) Planting suggestive thoughts during a patient's idle moments.
(d) Reviewing his fantasies while the patient rests.

6. When does humor least serve the fiend's mission?
(a) When the patient sees humor in all things.
(b) When humor is lacking a victim.
(c) When the patient knows actions and deeds matter more than thoughts and words.
(d) When the patient misunderstands the punch line.

7. Why are factions to be encouraged by fiends?
(a) Factions draw people away from the Enemy.
(b) Factions divide families and friends.
(c) Factions foster pride and hatred.
(d) Factions suppress positive thinking.

8. What does Screwtape say is the root of the sin of gluttony?
(a) Ideas of superiority.
(b) Desire to offend.
(c) Selfishness and lack of consideration.
(d) Impatience.

9. How should Wormwood try to develop permanent deceit in the patient?
(a) Participate in church affairs and worldly affairs at the same time.
(b) Encourage self-perception as a complex person superior to others.
(c) Convince the patient that the more science he knows the better.
(d) Avoid church going people.

10. What does Screwtape remind is the real business of a fiend?
(a) Alienate by word and action those closest to the patient.
(b) Undermine faith and prevent formation of virtue.
(c) Constantly develop the patient's life regrets.
(d) Foster anger and resentment.

11. What does Screwtape suggest is a good strategy for ongoing fiend work?
(a) Sex should always be overemphasized.
(b) Get the patient to think in terms of phases.
(c) All pleasures should be encouraged as only a phase.
(d) Allow the free will to seek sex perversions as a phase.

12. What is the role of the language department of Hell?
(a) Suggest meaningless jargon.
(b) Promote bad news items to create anxiety.
(c) Promote good news items to provoke jealousy.
(d) Corrupt the meaning of a word, thereby corrupting the idea.

13. Screwtape advises that which of these pairings especially help to barricade the patient mind against the Enemy?
(a) Revenge and nastiness.
(b) Envy and jealousy.
(c) Grief and sadness.
(d) Suspense and anxiety.

14. Where do the fiends receive training?
(a) Devil's Workshop.
(b) Training College.
(c) The School.
(d) The Fiend Foundation.

15. Why is it best to discourage belief in fiends?
(a) Belief by patients leads to fiend failure
(b) Non-belief makes it easier to believe in materialism.
(c) Belief makes fiends lazy and unimaginative.
(d) Non-belief makes a patient lazy and unimaginative.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Screwtape think is particularly fun about churches?

2. When is Wormwood close to winning the soul of the patient in a faction?

3. What is the worst outcome for the fiend when a patient awakens to self and renewal?

4. Why should Wormwood draw the patient's attention to his humility?

5. What is the means to allow awakening in the patient?

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