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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How should the fiend encourage the patient to think about malice and benevolence?
(a) Malice toward those remote and unknown, benevolence toward the neighbors.
(b) Malice toward war leaders, benevolence to people affected by war.
(c) Malice toward declared enemies of war, benevolence to injured.
(d) Malice toward the neighbors, benevolence toward those remote and unknown.

2. Why is Wormwood told "living in the future" is preferable to living in the now.
(a) The future cannot be altered by the present.
(b) This removes the patient from doing anything useful or charitable in the present.
(c) The past can be altered through imaginings.
(d) The future is thought to be remote.

3. What can be fatal to a fiend's plan for a patient?
(a) Kindness becomes benevolence.
(b) Malice becomes benevolence.
(c) Good intentions become habits.
(d) Virtues become habits.

4. Why is it preferable to focus the patient's mind on the future?
(a) This stirs up emphasis on the unimportant.
(b) This stirs up memories of past shortcomings.
(c) This is contrary to what God prefers.
(d) This stirs up ambition.

5. Screwtape describes this as one of a fiend's best weapons.
(a) Materialism.
(b) Fear.
(c) Contented worldliness.
(d) Envy and jealousy

Short Answer Questions

1. What is always the primary goal of a fiend?

2. How should Wormwood try to develop permanent deceit in the patient?

3. What type of friendships should Wormwood encourage to the patient?

4. Why should Wormwood draw the patient's attention to his humility?

5. How does Screwtape think about the patient's mind?

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