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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Screwtape tells Wormwood to train the patient about prayer.
(a) The best prayers are built upon childhood parrot-like repetition.
(b) The best prayers are measured by review of personal possessions.
(c) The best prayers are measured by the feelings produced.
(d) The best prayers are personal imaginings about God.

2. When is Wormwood close to winning the soul of the patient in a faction?
(a) When the patient faction links with other factions.
(b) When factions become violent toward others.
(c) When the number of souls in a faction is extremely large.
(d) When the patient comes to believe the faction is part of the religion.

3. How does Screwtape think about the patient's mind?
(a) Concentric circles with the will as the innermost.
(b) Separated compartments with the will as the smallest.
(c) Pyramid shape with the will as the base.
(d) Several layers with the will as the largest.

4. Screwtape advises that which of these pairings especially help to barricade the patient mind against the Enemy?
(a) Grief and sadness.
(b) Suspense and anxiety.
(c) Envy and jealousy.
(d) Revenge and nastiness.

5. Why is the laughter of joy and fun no good to the devils?
(a) It is related to Heaven.
(b) Sets a good example to children.
(c) It can become permanent.
(d) Creates a longing for more of the same.

Short Answer Questions

1. How can a fiend best use pleasures the patient experiences?

2. What is one of the best fiend tactics to use during spiritual dullness?

3. What does a new Christian think about going to church with commonplace neighbors?

4. What does Screwtape describe as the only useful thing about war?

5. What have the Enemy's servants taught for 2000 years as the greatest temptation?

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