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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Screwtape describes this as one of a fiend's best weapons.
(a) Envy and jealousy
(b) Materialism.
(c) Contented worldliness.
(d) Fear.

2. When is the fiend's mission in the greatest danger?
(a) When the patient exercises free will and chooses loyalty to the Enemy.
(b) When the patient chooses the spiritual instead of science.
(c) When the patient accepts that the Enemy exists.
(d) When the patient exercises free will.

3. What is one of the best fiend tactics to use during spiritual dullness?
(a) Childish prayers to combat sexual temptation.
(b) Pointless sexual daydreams.
(c) Sexual exploits.
(d) Overindulgence in food and sex.

4. What does Screwtape remind is the real business of a fiend?
(a) Undermine faith and prevent formation of virtue.
(b) Constantly develop the patient's life regrets.
(c) Alienate by word and action those closest to the patient.
(d) Foster anger and resentment.

5. What should Wormwood do if the patient begins to think fiends exist?
(a) Minimize fiendish activity for a spell.
(b) Suggest a fiend image of something in red tights.
(c) Suggest the patient converse with the fiends.
(d) Suggest to patient he is losing his mind.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why should patient prayers focus on the spiritual, never the practical?

2. According to Screwtape, which is the better way for a patient to die?

3. Why should a fiend never use science?

4. Screwtape says the best fiend work is done this way.

5. Screwtape advises that which of these pairings especially help to barricade the patient mind against the Enemy?

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