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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the mindset that discourages belief that fiends exist?
(a) All things can be explained by science.
(b) The Enemy has totally conquered all fiends.
(c) Disbelief in all spiritual matters, good and bad.
(d) Fiends cannot exist in a materialistic world.

2. Screwtape says humans living together will develop which of these over time?
(a) Dependency about practical life matters.
(b) Voice tones and facials that irritate.
(c) Spiritual awareness of the other.
(d) Contradictory love and hate feelings.

3. Why should patient prayers focus on the spiritual, never the practical?
(a) Eliminates the need to take action by the patient.
(b) Keeps attention on what he sees as sins.
(c) Practical matters and solutions have no place in prayers.
(d) Channels his energy on useless dialog with the Enemy.

4. What are heavenly pleasures that reflect love of friends and family for one another?
(a) Attendance at church together.
(b) Joy and fun.
(c) Food and drink.
(d) Travels together on vacations.

5. Why are factions to be encouraged by fiends?
(a) Factions draw people away from the Enemy.
(b) Factions divide families and friends.
(c) Factions suppress positive thinking.
(d) Factions foster pride and hatred.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the laughter of joy and fun no good to the devils?

2. When does sex work best in the fiend's favor?

3. What is one of the best fiend tactics to use during spiritual dullness?

4. Why does Screwtape favor prayer for the soul?

5. Why is it best to discourage belief in fiends?

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