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Letter 1 | Letter 2

• Screwtape is a senior bureaucrat devil in the Lowerarchy of Hell who has been assigned to guide his newly trained nephew Wormwood about the work of a devil. Screwtape instructs that it is not the role of a devil to teach or to argue with a patient, the primary objective is to befuddle and confuse and prevent deep and reflective thinking whenever possible.

• The focus of attention to meaningless jargon and focus upon the details of mundane daily living are mentioned as particularly effective tactics.

Letter 3 | Letter 4

• An effective devil tactic is to frame thinking about other people as objects or things devoid of human characteristics. Others exist only as they relate to a person's perception of their own world and their own existence.

• True Christian prayer focuses on God in a humble and contrite manner, seeing God as He is rather than how we would...

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