The Sandman Character Descriptions

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The Sandman/Oneiros/Morpheus

This is the god of dreams. He is one of the few gods who has not disappeared, because he is eternal.

Richard Madoc, from Calliope

This character is a self-serving writer who gets what he deserves in his story.

The Siamese, from A Dream of a Thousand Cats

This character begins life as a purebred house cat that breeds with an alley cat.

William Shakespeare, from A Midsummer Night's Dream

This is admittedly a brilliant playwright. Even the fairy folk, who seem to look down on human beings, admire this person's writing.

Urania (Rainie) Blackwell, from Fa├žade

This character is a superhero. After being exposed to the Orb of Ra, she gains power to manipulate matter at its most basic level.

Felix Garrison, from Calliope

This character is a doctor who obtains a bezoar for someone he admires, although he does not know...

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