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Chapter Abstracts


• Felix, a big fan of Richard Madoc's writing, brings him a trichinobezoar, but isn't sure why he needs it. Madoc repays him by living him a signed book.

• Madoc's agent calls. He is 9 months late with his next book, and the publisher is threatening to sue. Madoc promises it is coming soon. He hasn't written anything.

• Madoc goes to visit Erasmus Fry, an old writer. He gives Fry the trichinobezoar and tells him how upset he is about his writer's block.

• Fry talks about when he caught 'her' and says he doesn't need her anymore because he is old and his career is over.

• Fry gives Calliope, a muse, to Madoc and asks for him to get a publisher to reprint his book "Here Comes a Candle".

• Madoc rapes Calliope at his house, and is overcome with ideas. He finishes his second novel in 5 weeks. He writes...

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