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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Orwell find amazing about the unemployed men he met after returning from Burma?

2. What things did Orwell believe a good writer needed that an unemployed man could not find?

3. What did Orwell think was the result of efforts at reducing class distinctions in England?

4. How did Orwell describe a slag heap?

5. What did Orwell find was the basis of the diet for families of the unemployed?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Orwell do in order to learn more about the working class conditions he had previously not understood? How did he go about trying to be a part of the working class and see the world through their eyes?

2. Orwell described the view from a street in Sheffield. Describe what he saw when he looked around the town.

3. What were the reasons Orwell cited for Socialism being intrinsically tied to machine industrialization?

4. Where did Orwell go to live for five years when he was twenty? What were the difference in class distinctions he observed there?

5. How did Orwell's time in the military police effect his thinking about government and oppression?

6. What does the statement by Napoleon "an army marches on its stomach" mean in context of life in industrialized England?

7. Why did Orwell consider Socialism a way out of the social and economic conditions plaguing England in the 1930's? How did he present his argument?

8. What was the Means Test? Why did people dislike the Means Test?

9. Why did Orwell think Socialism was not on the rise in England? What did he think Socialists were doing to discourage people from participating?

10. What were the attributes of the Northern snobbishness Orwell writes about?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Orwell explained that as a child, he was taught that the lower class, the working class, smells. What did this mean to Orwell as a child? As he grew up, how did this concept of a visceral odor become both literal and figurative? How does the concept of the working class smell affect the struggle Socialism faces with class issues in England?

Essay Topic 2

Orwell described a daily event in many of the coal mining towns that was both astounding and appalling. What was "scrambling for coal?" Who participated in this event? Why? How was this symbolic of the rest of the unemployed worker's life?

Essay Topic 3

Orwell believed that as economies become more depressed, class distinctions become more pronounced. Do you think this was true in pre-war England? What was the economy like in the 1930's? Based on what we have experienced here in the last four years, do you believe that class distinctions are greater as our economy has become depressed? Discuss.

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