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Short Answer Questions

1. In Orwell's opinion, what was one way the working class man differed from the middle class man?

2. To what did Orwell compare a "shabby-genteel family" in England?

3. Under the capitalist system, who did Orwell say must live on the edge of starvation so that England can live in comfort?

4. Who said "an army marches on its stomach?"

5. Why did Orwell's parents eventually forbid him to play with certain children in the neighborhood?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Orwell explain the attitude toward the family in a working class society? How did it differ in his opinion from the middle class man and his family?

2. What were the attributes of the Northern snobbishness Orwell writes about?

3. What one overarching generalization was Orwell taught about the lower classes of people in his town? What author did Orwell quote in support of this theory, and what did the author say?

4. How did Orwell argue against the common misconception that the poor and unemployed are simply lazy?

5. Orwell described the view from a street in Sheffield. Describe what he saw when he looked around the town.

6. How did Orwell's time in the military police effect his thinking about government and oppression?

7. Why did Orwell consider Socialism a way out of the social and economic conditions plaguing England in the 1930's? How did he present his argument?

8. What was the Means Test? Why did people dislike the Means Test?

9. What was a "shabby-genteel" family in Orwell's opinion? What were some of the characteristics of a shabby-genteel family?

10. What were some of the negative affects of unemployment on any town despite unemployment benefits?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Orwell explained that in England there is a natural rivalry between the northern part of the country and the southern. One expression Orwell used was the Northern Cult. The Northern Cult was a particular way of thinking about England and Orwell found it to be important when learning about class values. What was the Northern Cult? What were the roots of this expression? Why was this an important part of class distinction over the years? What were the qualities associated with the Northern Cult?

Essay Topic 2

Orwell used his childhood and upbringing as an example of social class, class prejudices and class values. Discuss the differences Orwell saw between the bourgeois, the lower-middle class and the working class in England in the 1930's. Why was this distinction between the classes important to Orwell in his discussion of Socialism?

Essay Topic 3

In the first chapter, Orwell described the meals provided by the Brookers to their lodgers. These meals were non-nutritious and in no way sated a man's hunger. How is this nutritional issue symbolic of other themes in his book, such as the poor and the country's need for Socialism?

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