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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the fillers wear?

2. What is a "dataller?"

3. How did Orwell say he was received by the people he spoke with about their housing?

4. What were "cream crackers?"

5. What was one problem faced by the tenant moving from slum housing into new housing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Orwell leave the Brookers? Where did he go? How did he respond to his train trip leaving town?

2. What were the three terms Orwell used to describe the construction of the substandard housing in Wigan and Sheffield? How are they each affected by the lavatories available to them?

3. What were the newer government (Corporation) houses like? What were the positive and negative aspects of the housing?

4. What difference did Orwell see in the lives of the working class and the bourgeois that had to do with the humiliation suffered by many miners?

5. There were three shift in the mines Orwell discussed. What happened in each of the three shifts?

6. Describe the typical coal mine Orwell explored while studying the work conditions in the mines.

7. What did the miners look like when they emerged from the coal mines? What were some of the first things they did upon coming above ground?

8. What did Orwell learn about the reality of the seven hour shift worked by the typical miner?

9. Describe the meals Orwell was offered while living at the Brookers. Who cooked the meals? What were the boarders given to eat for dinner?

10. How did Orwell come to write "The Road to Wigan Pier?" When did he write the book? For whom? What were the three parts of the book when it was originally published?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Orwell spent a good deal of his life promoting Socialism and struggling with the issue of class differences and prejudices. He contended that to abolish class distinction, a person must be willing to abolish part of himself. What did he mean by this?

Essay Topic 2

Orwell described a daily event in many of the coal mining towns that was both astounding and appalling. What was "scrambling for coal?" Who participated in this event? Why? How was this symbolic of the rest of the unemployed worker's life?

Essay Topic 3

The Means Test was a method of deciding benefit amounts for the unemployed. Discuss the Means Test, its affect on the unemployed worker, and on the greater community.

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