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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Mrs. Brooker, who was "at Canada?"

2. What did Orwell say the fillers looked like?

3. What creature did Orwell see a surprising abundance of in the coal mine?

4. What is a "gob fire?"

5. Upon what did Orwell believe our civilization is based?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the miners look like when they emerged from the coal mines? What were some of the first things they did upon coming above ground?

2. Orwell stated that the Brookers were typical of most people in the modern world. What characteristics did he point out as typical?

3. What were the caravan dwellings Orwell speaks about in his book? How many were there in Wigan? What were the living conditions in these caravan dwelling?

4. What difference did Orwell see in the lives of the working class and the bourgeois that had to do with the humiliation suffered by many miners?

5. Who were some of the boarders at the Brooker's rooming house? How were thought of by the Brookers?

6. What is nystagmus? How is it contracted? How is it cured? What happened to a miner in Orwell's time who contracted nystagmus?

7. Why did Orwell believe that our civilization is founded on coal? How did he relate this belief to the coal miner?

8. What did Orwell learn about the reality of the seven hour shift worked by the typical miner?

9. What were the three terms Orwell used to describe the construction of the substandard housing in Wigan and Sheffield? How are they each affected by the lavatories available to them?

10. How did a miner clean up upon returning home? Why was cleaning up after work such a difficult task?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Orwell's opinion, Socialism was more than an economic doctrine. Discuss Orwell's definitions of Socialism and why he believed it to be the most logical form of government for England at the end of the 1930's.

Essay Topic 2

Orwell spent five years in Burma as a member of the Imperial Police. Discuss how this experience affected his life, his politics and his belief system.

Essay Topic 3

Four political ideologies are presented in Orwell's book: Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism and Communism. Compare and contrast the four ideologies. Which are incompatible with each other? Were Orwell not a Socialist, what would he most likely have been committed to and why?

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