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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the average size of one of the dwellings?
(a) Ten feet wide by ten feet high.
(b) Twenty feet wide by five feet high.
(c) Ten feet wide by twelve feet high.
(d) Five feet wide by six feet high.

2. To what man did Orwell compare the coal miner?
(a) To the machine driver.
(b) To the banker.
(c) To the plowman.
(d) To the oil man.

3. Who was Emmie?
(a) Orwell's sister.
(b) The maid hired to come in weekly.
(c) The fiance of a son living in London.
(d) The neighbor who complained bitterly about the Brookers.

4. What is the cause of the great majority of accidents in the mine?
(a) Gas explosions.
(b) Human error.
(c) Gob fires.
(d) Fall of a roof.

5. Who were the fillers?
(a) The men moving coal on the elevators.
(b) The foremen.
(c) The men shoveling coal onto the conveyer belt.
(d) The men digging coal from the ground.

6. Why does every miner have a blue scar on his nose and forehead?
(a) Coal dust reacts with the nasal passages.
(b) Every miner hits his nose and forehead sometimes.
(c) Coal dust enters the wound and the skin grows over it.
(d) The blue is a bruise.

7. Who was Mr. Reilly?
(a) One of Orwell's friends in London.
(b) One of Orwell's roommate who was war veteran.
(c) One of Orwell's roommates who was a mechanic at the mine.
(d) One of Orwell's colleagues from college.

8. What did Orwell say about the Corporation housing as a whole?
(a) "Comfortable and personal."
(b) "Adequate and personalized."
(c) "Demeaning and horrific."
(d) "Ruthless and soulless."

9. How did Orwell react to the train moving into the countryside?
(a) He was happy to be seeing his family again.
(b) He was confused as to where the train was headed.
(c) He was happy to be out of the dark and dirty city.
(d) He was sad to be leaving his home.

10. How did Orwell describe Mr. Brooker?
(a) A small boned, angry, crippled man.
(b) An ugly, offensive, odd smelling man.
(c) A dark, sour, small boned, filthy man.
(d) An aggressive, manly, attractive fellow.

11. What were "caravan dwellings?"
(a) Housing set up for criminals.
(b) Traveling circus employees' tent cities.
(c) Trailers that were brought in after the war for housing.
(d) Trailers for the government workers in the city.

12. What physical attributes did the fillers share?
(a) They were small, broad shouldered and thin.
(b) They were short, slightly overweight and broad shouldered.
(c) They were small, overweight thick thighed men.
(d) They were tall, broad shouldered and thick around the waist.

13. What were the first sounds Orwell heard in the morning when he woke at the Brookers?
(a) The sound of Mrs. Brooker bustling around the kitchen.
(b) The sound of hammering at the house next door.
(c) The sound of mill girls' clogs down the cobbled street.
(d) The sound of birds chirping in the trees.

14. What was one "perk" given to miners that was actually off-set by transportation costs?
(a) Reduced cost of the coal for their houses.
(b) Bonus for on-time work.
(c) Free tool sharpening.
(d) Bonus for meeting coal goals.

15. For what did the Brookers purchase insurance policies?
(a) They insured their home and shop.
(b) They insured each other.
(c) They insured the lives of both old age pensioners.
(d) They insured their children.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which towns did Orwell note for their approach to tearing down slum housing and rebuilding?

2. What is a "blind back?"

3. When they had something to eat, what did the fillers consume?

4. What other types of expenses were taken from the miner's pay?

5. How did Orwell say he was received by the people he spoke with about their housing?

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