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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what did the Brookers purchase insurance policies?
(a) They insured their home and shop.
(b) They insured their children.
(c) They insured the lives of both old age pensioners.
(d) They insured each other.

2. Why did men chew tobacco in the mines?
(a) It was a stimulant.
(b) It was a deterrent to thirst.
(c) It was good for headaches.
(d) It was medicinal.

3. Who was Old Jack?
(a) An ex-miner, 78 years old, who worked for over fifty years in the coal pits.
(b) An ex-shopkeeper, around 80, who retired and sold his shop.
(c) An ex-soldier, 75 years old, whose legs were both amputated after a battle.
(d) An ex-miner, 80 years old, whose left hand had been severed in a mining accident.

4. What was the most understandable cause of accidents in a mine?
(a) Exhaustion.
(b) Collapsing roofs.
(c) Gas explosions.
(d) Cancer.

5. How did Orwell describe Mrs. Brooker?
(a) A beautiful, tall seductress.
(b) An anxious faced, obese invalid.
(c) A jolly, industrious woman.
(d) An overweight, jolly woman.

6. At what point did Orwell leave the Brooker's boarding house?
(a) When his wallet was stolen.
(b) When he found there was a full chamber pot under the breakfast table.
(c) When he had enough of the other men sharing his room.
(d) When all of his belongings were stolen.

7. Who was Emmie?
(a) The maid hired to come in weekly.
(b) The neighbor who complained bitterly about the Brookers.
(c) Orwell's sister.
(d) The fiance of a son living in London.

8. What could happen to cause a miner to lose one or two days pay?
(a) An over-scheduling mistake.
(b) A broken elevator.
(c) A new training session.
(d) A machinery breakdown or a fault.

9. How did Orwell react to the train moving into the countryside?
(a) He was happy to be out of the dark and dirty city.
(b) He was confused as to where the train was headed.
(c) He was sad to be leaving his home.
(d) He was happy to be seeing his family again.

10. What were the first sounds Orwell heard in the morning when he woke at the Brookers?
(a) The sound of hammering at the house next door.
(b) The sound of mill girls' clogs down the cobbled street.
(c) The sound of Mrs. Brooker bustling around the kitchen.
(d) The sound of birds chirping in the trees.

11. What is "buttons down the back?"
(a) The type of shirt worn to keep dust from getting into clothing.
(b) Permanent scabs on vertebrae from scraping the spine on beams.
(c) A death story told to novices just entering the mines.
(d) A joke miners play on each other.

12. How did Orwell say he was received by the people he spoke with about their housing?
(a) With hostility and suspicion.
(b) With curiosity and suspicion.
(c) With kindness and good food.
(d) With courtesy and good nature.

13. Upon what did Orwell believe our civilization is based?
(a) Money.
(b) Marriage.
(c) Coal.
(d) Law.

14. How long were the fillers on the job during their shifts?
(a) Seven and a half hours with no break.
(b) Seven hours with two twenty minute breaks.
(c) Eight hours with half an hour for lunch.
(d) Six hours with no benefits.

15. With what phrase did all of Mrs. Brooker's complaints end?
(a) "It does seem 'ard, don't it now?"
(b) "I hate it all, all I say."
(c) "It do seem unfair, don't it?"
(d) "I just as well die tonight!"

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a cage?

2. What did Orwell find to be the determining factor in the way housekeeping was done?

3. What is a "gob fire?"

4. Who were the only permanent lodgers at the Brookers?

5. In a year, how many minors are killed at work?

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