The Road to Wigan Pier Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How did Orwell come to write "The Road to Wigan Pier?" When did he write the book? For whom? What were the three parts of the book when it was originally published?

Orwell was commissioned by the Left Book Club to write a book about unemployment in England. The book was published in 1937 in England. The book was published with a foreword by one of the editors explaining the book. The second part was Orwell's travels to and observations about the miners working in northern England. The third part was a discourse by Orwell on the nature of the Socialist party and what challenges it faces.

2. Who were the Brookers? How did Orwell describe them? What did they look like? Behave like?

Mr. and Mrs. Brooker were the owners of the rooming house in which Orwell spent time studying the lives of the unemployed and poor in England. Mrs. Brooker had a series of physical ailments which kept her confined to the couch in the living room under filthy blankets. Orwell believed the primary problem with Mrs. Brooker was obesity. Mr. Booker was responsible of everything connected with the running of the house since Mrs. Brooker did not leave the couch. He was filthy, according to Orwell, and constantly complained about all the work he had to do. Orwell noted that the house was filled with the complaints and negativity of the Brookers.

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