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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the most obvious sign of malnourishment in the families of the unemployed men?
(a) Bad speech.
(b) Bad eyesight.
(c) Bad hearing.
(d) Bad teeth.

2. What could happen to cause a miner to lose one or two days pay?
(a) A broken elevator.
(b) A machinery breakdown or a fault.
(c) A new training session.
(d) An over-scheduling mistake.

3. What were the first sounds Orwell heard in the morning when he woke at the Brookers?
(a) The sound of mill girls' clogs down the cobbled street.
(b) The sound of birds chirping in the trees.
(c) The sound of hammering at the house next door.
(d) The sound of Mrs. Brooker bustling around the kitchen.

4. What did Orwell say was the distinguishing mark of the upper-middle class before the war in England?
(a) It consisted of mainly military, official and professional people.
(b) It allowed no other people in its ranks.
(c) It was known for its gluttony.
(d) It believed in the power of money and education.

5. How did Orwell react to the train moving into the countryside?
(a) He was confused as to where the train was headed.
(b) He was happy to be seeing his family again.
(c) He was sad to be leaving his home.
(d) He was happy to be out of the dark and dirty city.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a snap can?

2. What did Orwell suggest to both the bourgeoisie and the proletarians?

3. How many tons of coal were moved on the conveyor belt every minute?

4. What was one common characteristic of all of the houses Orwell saw in industrial towns?

5. What did "The Sleeper Awakes" and "Brave New World" have in common in Orwell's opinion?

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