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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what point did Orwell leave the Brooker's boarding house?
(a) When he found there was a full chamber pot under the breakfast table.
(b) When his wallet was stolen.
(c) When he had enough of the other men sharing his room.
(d) When all of his belongings were stolen.

2. How did Orwell describe Mr. Brooker?
(a) An aggressive, manly, attractive fellow.
(b) An ugly, offensive, odd smelling man.
(c) A small boned, angry, crippled man.
(d) A dark, sour, small boned, filthy man.

3. How was the coal miner getter paid?
(a) By the week.
(b) By the hour.
(c) By the ton extracted from the mine.
(d) By the coalcar load.

4. What did Orwell believe was the deeper implications of Socialism?
(a) Socialism stands for better wages and better working conditions.
(b) Socialism stands for better housing for the working poor.
(c) Socialism stands for democracy and common goals.
(d) Socialism stands for justice and common decency.

5. How did Orwell describe a slag heap?
(a) "A thing of beauty rising in the distance."
(b) "A hideous thing, planless and functionless."
(c) "A testiment to man's toil."
(d) "A horrid blight on the landscape."

Short Answer Questions

1. To what did Orwell compare a "shabby-genteel family" in England?

2. Who was John Galsworthy?

3. What was the major difference between a mile above ground and a mile in the pit bottom?

4. Who did the tenants of the slum houses believe to be the worst landlords?

5. When they had something to eat, what did the fillers consume?

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