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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the major difference between a mile above ground and a mile in the pit bottom?
(a) You were not able to hear anything in the pit bottom.
(b) You could not stand upright in the pit bottom.
(c) You could not return the same way.
(d) You could not measure distance in the pit bottom.

2. Who were the only permanent lodgers at the Brookers?
(a) Mr. Reilly and a man named Joe.
(b) Mr. Reilly and Mr. Orwell.
(c) Mr. Reilly and the Irish miner with one hand.
(d) Mr. Reilly and Mr. Simons.

3. What did Orwell believe was the job of the thinking person in England in the late 1930's?
(a) To influence poltical change.
(b) To humanize socialism.
(c) To improve the conditions in the coal mines.
(d) To educate the poor.

4. What does "back to back" mean?
(a) Two houses separated by a brick wall.
(b) Two houses built as one, one upstairs, one downstairs.
(c) Two houses built as one, front house faces the street, back house faces the alley.
(d) Two houses combined to make one large house.

5. Which towns did Orwell note for their approach to tearing down slum housing and rebuilding?
(a) Liverpool and Sheffield.
(b) Liverpool and Yorkshire.
(c) Liverpool and Manchester.
(d) Liverpool and London.

Short Answer Questions

1. What phrases have alienated people from Socialism, according to Orwell?

2. What did Saintsbury say about unemployment insurance?

3. What is "buttons down the back?"

4. What did Orwell call the opposition of socialism when twenty million Englishmen were underfed?

5. Who was Mr. Reilly?

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