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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, 11, and 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does every miner have a blue scar on his nose and forehead?
(a) Coal dust reacts with the nasal passages.
(b) The blue is a bruise.
(c) Every miner hits his nose and forehead sometimes.
(d) Coal dust enters the wound and the skin grows over it.

2. Who did Orwell believe was doing the best work for the unemployed in the thirties?
(a) The National Center for Employment Benefits.
(b) The National Unemployed Workers' Union.
(c) The National Employment Readiness Centers.
(d) The National Communist Party.

3. How did Orwell describe Mr. Brooker?
(a) A small boned, angry, crippled man.
(b) An ugly, offensive, odd smelling man.
(c) A dark, sour, small boned, filthy man.
(d) An aggressive, manly, attractive fellow.

4. Why were the industrial towns in England so ugly and noxious?
(a) The modern methods of steel construction and smoke abatement were unknown.
(b) The government had given up helping this area of the country to deal with their filth.
(c) The mayors did not enforce local laws of trash and smoke abatement.
(d) The people were so poor they threw trash in the streets and did not paint their houses.

5. When they had something to eat, what did the fillers consume?
(a) A hunk of meat and gravy, and a bottle of cold tea.
(b) A large pan of hot cereal and a bottle of cold tea.
(c) A hunk of bread and drippings, and a bottle of cold tea.
(d) A large sandwich and pickles, and a bottle of cold tea.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Orwell envision a home in the future?

2. What was the average distance between the pit bottom to the coal face?

3. What was "the flock mattress?"

4. Why did Orwell's parents eventually forbid him to play with certain children in the neighborhood?

5. Who was John Galsworthy?

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