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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, 11, and 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Orwell say about the Corporation housing as a whole?
(a) "Ruthless and soulless."
(b) "Comfortable and personal."
(c) "Adequate and personalized."
(d) "Demeaning and horrific."

2. Why did Orwell have the opportunity to receive an expensive public school education?
(a) He was allowed to attend the school free because his father was an alum.
(b) He was sent to school by his wealthy uncle.
(c) He was at the school as the guest of the Prime Minister.
(d) He was at the school on a scholarship.

3. What were newspaper canvassers?
(a) They were door-to-door surveyers for the census.
(b) They were door-to-door pollsters for the political candidate.
(c) They were door-to-door advertisement salesmen.
(d) They were door-to-door salesmen selling newspaper subscriptions.

4. Who was Mr. Reilly?
(a) One of Orwell's colleagues from college.
(b) One of Orwell's friends in London.
(c) One of Orwell's roommates who was a mechanic at the mine.
(d) One of Orwell's roommate who was war veteran.

5. What is one superstition miner sometimes hold to?
(a) It is bad luck to see a woman before going to work in the morning shift.
(b) It is bad luck to wear red into the mines.
(c) It is bad luck to kiss a woman goodbye before going into the mines.
(d) It is bad luck to carry a photograph of one's children into the mines.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of shop was attached to the Brooker's boarding house?

2. What did Orwell say was the distinguishing mark of the upper-middle class before the war in England?

3. When asked who the top ten greatest men living in 1920, who was most often named in Orwell's school class?

4. To what did Orwell compare the sound of the conveyor belt in the mine?

5. What book did Orwell write telling of his experiences in London with the unemployed street people?

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