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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 and 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Orwell believe the return trip through the tunnels was worse than the initial one?
(a) Because he was terribly hungry.
(b) Because he was forced to move very quickly.
(c) Because he was going slightly uphill on the return.
(d) Because he was alone in the dark.

2. How did Orwell describe the attitude toward education in the working class?
(a) A child could not wait to get out of school and move south to Dover.
(b) Education was important only to the middle class.
(c) A child could be educated without ever going to school.
(d) A child could not wait to get out of school and go to work to earn money.

3. Who wrote "The Coal Scuttle?"
(a) Mr. Albert Hall, Mayor of Chelsey, Yorkshire.
(b) Mr. Paul McCartney, Mayor of Barnsley, Yorkshire.
(c) Mr. John Abbott, Mayor of Chelsey, Yorkshire.
(d) Mr. Joseph Jones, Mayor of Barnsley, Yorkshire.

4. To what man did Orwell compare the coal miner?
(a) To the banker.
(b) To the plowman.
(c) To the machine driver.
(d) To the oil man.

5. What was "scrambling for the coal?"
(a) Poor men running up the slag piles, digging out coal and putting it in their poclets.
(b) Poor men hijacking train cars and shoveling through them for coins.
(c) Poor men fighting each other for lumps of coal in the slag.
(d) Poor men shoveling through the slag from the mines and passing the coal to their wives.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was one commodity that was less expensive in industrialized parts of England than the rest of the country?

2. What did Orwell say about the Corporation housing as a whole?

3. What is left when a slag heap sinks into the ground?

4. What did Orwell say the fillers looked like?

5. In what positions did Orwell find himself moving through the tunnels in the coal mine?

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