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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 and 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the number of people underfed in England based on Orwell's calculations?
(a) Under seven million.
(b) Over eleven million.
(c) Over ten million.
(d) Over twenty million.

2. What was one commodity that was less expensive in industrialized parts of England than the rest of the country?
(a) Cable.
(b) Fuel.
(c) Telephones.
(d) Electricity.

3. When they had something to eat, what did the fillers consume?
(a) A large pan of hot cereal and a bottle of cold tea.
(b) A large sandwich and pickles, and a bottle of cold tea.
(c) A hunk of bread and drippings, and a bottle of cold tea.
(d) A hunk of meat and gravy, and a bottle of cold tea.

4. Who was Old Jack?
(a) An ex-miner, 78 years old, who worked for over fifty years in the coal pits.
(b) An ex-miner, 80 years old, whose left hand had been severed in a mining accident.
(c) An ex-soldier, 75 years old, whose legs were both amputated after a battle.
(d) An ex-shopkeeper, around 80, who retired and sold his shop.

5. What was the major difference between a mile above ground and a mile in the pit bottom?
(a) You could not measure distance in the pit bottom.
(b) You could not return the same way.
(c) You were not able to hear anything in the pit bottom.
(d) You could not stand upright in the pit bottom.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was unemployment viewed by people in the late twenties and early thirties in England?

2. What did Orwell think was more important than changes in dynasties or changes of religion?

3. What creature did Orwell see a surprising abundance of in the coal mine?

4. What did Orwell envision a home in the future?

5. What did Orwell find was the basis of the diet for families of the unemployed?

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