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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one problem faced by the tenant moving from slum housing into new housing?
(a) The outdoor plumbing.
(b) The noise level.
(c) The lack of medical care.
(d) The higher expense.

2. What is one superstition miner sometimes hold to?
(a) It is bad luck to see a woman before going to work in the morning shift.
(b) It is bad luck to wear red into the mines.
(c) It is bad luck to kiss a woman goodbye before going into the mines.
(d) It is bad luck to carry a photograph of one's children into the mines.

3. What author accused miners of gluttony?
(a) Rev. W.D. Acres.
(b) Rev. W. R. Inge.
(c) Rev. B.W. Smith.
(d) Rev. W. S. Bellows.

4. For what did the Brookers purchase insurance policies?
(a) They insured their home and shop.
(b) They insured the lives of both old age pensioners.
(c) They insured each other.
(d) They insured their children.

5. What were newspaper canvassers?
(a) They were door-to-door advertisement salesmen.
(b) They were door-to-door salesmen selling newspaper subscriptions.
(c) They were door-to-door pollsters for the political candidate.
(d) They were door-to-door surveyers for the census.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did D. H. Lawrence come to Orwell's mind as he rode the train?

2. What did each of the permanent lodgers get for their ten shillings a week rent?

3. What did many of the old timers believe about miners washing their legs?

4. What is "buttons down the back?"

5. What is a "blind back?"

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