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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Emmie?
(a) The fiance of a son living in London.
(b) The neighbor who complained bitterly about the Brookers.
(c) Orwell's sister.
(d) The maid hired to come in weekly.

2. What could happen to cause a miner to lose one or two days pay?
(a) A machinery breakdown or a fault.
(b) A broken elevator.
(c) A new training session.
(d) An over-scheduling mistake.

3. What was the major difference between a mile above ground and a mile in the pit bottom?
(a) You could not return the same way.
(b) You were not able to hear anything in the pit bottom.
(c) You could not stand upright in the pit bottom.
(d) You could not measure distance in the pit bottom.

4. How does a miner bathe after dinner?
(a) With a basin of water and a washcloth.
(b) In an outdoor shower.
(c) In a tub outside in the yard.
(d) In a hot bath tub.

5. How did Orwell describe Mr. Brooker?
(a) An aggressive, manly, attractive fellow.
(b) A small boned, angry, crippled man.
(c) A dark, sour, small boned, filthy man.
(d) An ugly, offensive, odd smelling man.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Orwell come to understand the discrepancies in pay for miners?

2. What did Orwell urge the reader to realize about the coal miner?

3. How many people shared the bedroom in which Orwell slept at the Brookers?

4. What did Mr. Brooker do while grumbling that it was "women's work?"

5. When a miner comes up from the pit, why does he appear to be pale?

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