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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a "gob fire?"
(a) A coal fire.
(b) A cigarette fire.
(c) A spontaneously generating fire.
(d) A spontaneous heat problem.

2. How did Orwell describe Mrs. Brooker?
(a) A jolly, industrious woman.
(b) An overweight, jolly woman.
(c) An anxious faced, obese invalid.
(d) A beautiful, tall seductress.

3. How did Orwell describe the meals at the Brooker's house?
(a) "Abjectly woeful."
(b) "Pitifully disgusting."
(c) "Uniformly disgusting."
(d) "Uniformly pitiful."

4. What did Orwell urge the reader to realize about the coal miner?
(a) "Because miners sweat their guts out, superior people can remain superior."
(b) "Miners are not all stupid people not deserving of an education."
(c) "Miners have families just like other people."
(d) "Miners are people too."

5. How did D. H. Lawrence come to Orwell's mind as he rode the train?
(a) He met a passenger whose name was Lawrence.
(b) He was reading a book of poetry.
(c) He looked out over snow-covered hills.
(d) He looked at a beautiful girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of shop was attached to the Brooker's boarding house?

2. To what did Orwell compare the sound of the conveyor belt in the mine?

3. How far under the ground was Orwell when he reached the bottom of the mine?

4. What did Mr. Brooker do while grumbling that it was "women's work?"

5. Who was Emmie?

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