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This is a town in northern England and is known as a coal mining center.

Wigan Pier

This was on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and used to put coal onto barges from the coal mining town.

The Brookers' Boardinghouse

This was the place in which the author stayed for several weeks, filthy and crowded.

The Dole

This was the collective system of benefits for the unemployed in England.


This was an area of major concern for the author who found the worker often lived in substandard conditions.

Rents and Rates

These were the two costs of housing, one paid to a landlord and another paid to the local coffers.

Colliery Productivity

This was the method by which a mine's output was measured against employee costs.


This is a system in which everyone does his fair share and receives his fair share.

Advocatus Diaboli


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