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Wigan Pier

Where does the expression Wigan Pier come from? What does it mean? How does the title Orwell chose indicate his hope of socialism? Research the title and report to the class.

Left Book Club

Come up with a list of books members of the Left Book Club will be reading for the year.

Cost of Living

Find an exchange rate to convert pounds and shillings into US dollars in 1938. Then, create visual displays to indicate how much it cost to live in England at the time the book was written. Include rent, food, clothing, etc. based on Orwell's information. Then translate that into current U.S. dollars.

World condition in 1937

Research and learn about what was happening in the world in 1937 when this book was first published. What were some of the global conditions, such as war, to the creative and literary events of the time...

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