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Essay Topic 1

Orwell was an outspoken and literate man in England in the 1930's. Why did Orwell come to write "The Road to Wigan Pier?" Who were the people involved in the book's publication and what was their interest in the project? What was the reaction to his manuscript?

Essay Topic 2

In the first chapter, Orwell described the meals provided by the Brookers to their lodgers. These meals were non-nutritious and in no way sated a man's hunger. How is this nutritional issue symbolic of other themes in his book, such as the poor and the country's need for Socialism?

Essay Topic 3

Orwell described in detail the house in which he stayed with the Brookers, and the houses he visited and reported on for his book. Discuss the housing conditions in Wigan, Sheffield and other towns in northern England in the 1930's. Why were things so deplorable? Who...

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