The Road to Wigan Pier Character Descriptions

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George Orwell

This person, a Socialist, lived in northern England to study the working class and the lives of miners.

Victor Gollancz

This person was the editor and publisher of the company that published books on Socialism, including this one.

The Brookers

These people were the landlords of the filthy lodging house in which the author spent time studying the working class.

Mr. Reilly and the Injured Scotch Miner

These two people were lodgers, one disabled and the other an elderly mine worker, in a boardinghouse in which the author spent some time.

Mr. Joseph Jones, Mayor of Barnsley, Yorkshire

This person was an expert on wages paid to miners in northern coal mines and said that the wages did not adequately represent the money a miner actually took home.

Alf Smith and Bert Jones

These two people were examples of the destructive power of prolonged unemployment.

Major Clifford Hugh Douglas

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