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Chapter 1

• Orwell was commissioned by the Left Book Club to write about unemployment in England.

• He travels to northern England and lives in a slum while he studies unemployment and poverty among coal miners.

• In Part 1, Orwell discussed details about the working class and unemployed in northern England.

• In Part 2, Orwell examined Socialism and how it could provide a way out of poverty and unemployment.
• Orwell moved into a boarding house run by Mr. and Mrs. Brooker.

• The house had several bedrooms and the luxury of an indoor bath.

• The Brookers also unsuccessfully ran a tripe shop attached to their home.

• Mrs. Brooker had an undiagnosed ailment that left her living on a couch in the living room.

• Mr. Brooker was a filthy man who was responsible for cooking and cleaning at the boarding house.

• Orwell focused on the filth and stench of the house and noted that...

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