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1. How are the two ridges, Kameno and Makuyu, described?

There are two ridges in this story, Makuyu and Kameno, that run side by side. Behind them are more hills and between them is a valley, through which runs the river Honia, which means "cure." The river winds its way gracefully through the valley and has never dried up or failed the people of the ridges.

2. What is the source of antagonism between the people of the two ridges?

The antagonism between the two peoples on the ridges stems from an ancient dispute over which tribe holds spiritual superiority over the other. There are claims, and stories, from elders on each ridge that the Creator of the tribe first set the original humans down on that ridge: the Makuyus say it was on Makuyu, the Kamenos say it was on Kameno.

3. Why are the two boys fighting in Chapter Two?

Kamau and Kinuthia are fighting because Kinuthia told Kamau that Kamau's father was a traitor, a white man's slave; Kamau retorted by calling Kinuthia a beggar, for his father had died poor. The conversion of Kamau's father to Christianity has caused unease within the tribe.

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