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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters Ten through Fourteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What weapon do the two boys use to fight one another?
(a) Only their fists.
(b) Sticks.
(c) Knives.
(d) Rocks.

2. On what does Kinuthia intimate the Gikuyu will have to pay taxes?
(a) Their huts.
(b) Their land.
(c) Their crops.
(d) Their livestock.

3. Where did Waiyaki's mother take him at the end of Chapter Three?
(a) To a priest.
(b) To the medicine man.
(c) To the river.
(d) To see his father.

4. Who tells Muthoni's family about her illness?
(a) Chege.
(b) Waiyaki.
(c) Kabonyi.
(d) The tribe's medicine man.

5. Which of these is not a god worshiped by the Kikuyu?
(a) Murungu.
(b) Ngai.
(c) Mugo wa Kibiro.
(d) Mwenenyaga.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the most striking thing about Waiyaki?

2. Who were Demi na Mathathi?

3. What do the white men see in Waiyaki?

4. Who is the headmaster of the new school?

5. What year is Waiyaki in at the Siriana school?

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