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Chapters One through Five

• Chapter One describes two ridges, Kameno and Makuyu, that are on either side of the river Honia.

• The tribes from each ridge claim to have inherited the leadership of the Gikuyu country; Kameno had produced several great leaders, including the seer Mugo wa Kibiro, the witch Kamiri, and the great warrior Wachiori.

• The ridges and the valley between them, and the people who live there, are isolated and usually at peace.
• Two boys, Kamau and Kinuthia, emerge from the bush with sticks and begin to fight; it isn't until Kinuthia trips on a stone that one of them gains the upper hand.

• Another boy runs toward them, and when he asks them why they were fighting, Kamau says Kinuthia called his father a convert to the white man, and Kinuthia says Kamau laughed at him because his father died poor, and they begin to...

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