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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters IX and X.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Silas Lapham decide to build a new more fashionable home?
(a) In London.
(b) Downtown New York.
(c) On the beach.
(d) His Back Bay property.

2. In Chapter Nine, what is Silas Lapham fond of letting the public know?
(a) That his paint is a bestseller.
(b) That his wife was once a teacher.
(c) That a member of the Corey family works for him.
(d) That he is rich.

3. Where are the Laphams traveling when they meet another Boston family, the rich and fashionable Coreys?
(a) London.
(b) Paris.
(c) Mexico.
(d) Canada.

4. Why do the Laphams come to believe their home in Boston is in an unfashionable neighborhood?
(a) A fashion magazine tells them it is.
(b) Their daughters decree that it is.
(c) The fashionable Anna Corey implies that it is.
(d) A newspaper article states that it is.

5. When Tom Corey approaches Silas Lapham about joining his business, how does Lapham try to treat young Corey?
(a) Like a good friend.
(b) Like a future son-in-law.
(c) Like just another worker seeking employment.
(d) Like a son.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which member of the Lapham family is left alone with Tom Corey when he visits the site of their new Beacon Street house in Chapter Four?

2. What does Silas Lapham tell Persis he doesn't like about Tom Corey?

3. Which member of the Corey family is ill when they first meet the Laphams?

4. What business idea does Tom Corey first propose to Silas Lapham in Chapter Six?

5. Whose death brings sorrow to the early years of the Lapham marriage?

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