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The Persis Brand

This object is the protagonist's finest mineral paint. He names this paint after his wife and puts it on the market as a birthday present for her.

Initials and Figures N.L.f. 1835, S.L.t. 1855

These objects appear on each package of the protagonist's mineral paint. They indicate the year in which the protagonist's father founded the paint and the year in which the protagonist first tried to paint.


This place is the city in Vermont where the protagonist's paint mines and family homestead are located.

Nankeen Square House

This place is where the protagonist lives with his family for 12 years before he is forced to sell it to help cover debts.

House on the Water Side of Beacon Street

The protagonist is in the process of having this place built when his fortunes collapses.


This is a classic novel by George...

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