The Rise of Silas Lapham Character Descriptions

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Silas Lapham

The character was born in 1820 to a family of poor farmers but has become wealthy from a paint mine on the family's farm in Vermont.

Persis Lapham

This character is the protagonist's wife. Before her marriage, she is the town school teacher.

Irene Lapham

This character is very beautiful with red hair and blue eyes but does not seem to be very intelligent either in book smarts or common sense.

Penelope Lapham

This character has an odd, serious, dark look about her and a very unusual, very highly developed sense of humor.

Tom Corey

This character decides to take a job in the protagonist's paint business.

Bromfield Corey

This character is a member of high society.

Anna Corey

This character offends the protagonist's family by making a comment about how unfashionable the area of town in which they live is.

Milton K. Rogers

This character is...

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