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Chapter I

• Bartley Hubbard, reporter for The Events, meets Silas Lapham in Lapham's private office for an interview about Lapham for the paper's Solid Men of Boston series.

• Lapham tells Hubbard he was born in Vermont on a farm and his family was very poor, but Lapham credits his mother with his good, Christian upbringing.

• Hubbard brings Lapham's attention back to his paint business, the main reason for the article and Lapham describes how his father first discovers the paint mine on his farm.

• Lapham's father tries all of his life to make of business of the paint with no success.

• When Lapham is running a hotel in Lumberville, he paints the tavern with paint from this mine, and Lapham's wife is so enthusiastic about the paint that Lapham has it analyzed and tested, then begins to market the product.

• Lapham's paint is successful because its chemical composition...

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