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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Women & Magic : Chapter 1, Women.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The three vats in "Parjanya, the Cow" are clouds full of rain or vessels full of _____.
(a) Soma.
(b) Sunlight.
(c) Sap.
(d) Milk.

2. In the Atharva Vedic ritual, the Great Naked Woman is treated as a _____.
(a) Cup of Soma.
(b) Scapegoat.
(c) God.
(d) Specator.

3. In stories associated with "Apala and Indra", what is the second skin that is sloughed off of Apala?
(a) An eagle.
(b) A snake.
(c) An alligator.
(d) A frog.

4. What is the female element in the oblation ritual called?
(a) The air taker.
(b) The boneless one.
(c) The sky maker.
(d) The fourth element.

5. Savitr is the _____ and the embodiment of twilight.
(a) Holy sepulchre.
(b) Sacred sage.
(c) Indoctinated ally of Indra.
(d) Divine obstetrician.

Short Answer Questions

1. in "The Deeds of the Asvins", Pedu is the character who was given a white horse that killed _____.

2. What is the piece of wood attached crosswise at the top of the stake used in the horse sacrifice?

3. A 'yojana' is a measurement of _____.

4. What does the name Vena mean?

5. Pusan is the _____ of the sun.

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