Objects & Places from The Rig Veda

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Two-halves of the whole

Here is Earth & Sky and how it was viewed by the authors of The Rig Veda.

Thunder & Lightning with rain

This type of storm was as at least as awesome for those who created The Rig Veda as it is for readers of today.


This is done as part of religious ritual; the most dramatic of which is called 'the Horse Ritual.'


This is an offering.


This is an incredibly important masculine sacred animal which is often used as a metaphor for a god.


This feminine sacred animal is used as a symbol of gods and goddesses in the Rig Veda.


This is a rather well-educated and wise member of the society who shares this type of wealth with others in a helpful way.

Golden necklace

This item is found in the first hymn of Rudra and appears...

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