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Creation Station

Compare and contrast "The Creation Hymn" in the Rig Veda to other creation myths. How are symbols used?


Write a creation myth using modern ideas in a poetic setting.

Drawing on the Divine

Draw the many aspects of the god, Agni. Illustrate his different functions.

Recipe Box

Make a mythical recipe using Soma as a mystical ingredient. Describe the inspirational properties derived from the recipe.

Cow Knowledge

Research the role of the cow throughout Indian culture, particularly in relation to Hinduism. How does the role of the cow in Vedic mythology resonate with this history?

Visnu Visions

Look up images of Visnu. Compare the images to the character in the myths about Visnu from the Rig Veda.

Family Tree

Draw the family tree of the god, Indra. Label the functions of the gods related to him.

Color Garb

What is the significance of color in...

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