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Anita Diamant
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Benia tracked down Dinah?

2. Why does Dinah go back to the palace after the baby is delivered?

3. Where does Dinah go to deliver the baby?

4. Where does Dinah move to at the beginning of the chapter?

5. What does Jacob do that causes much drama to occur in his camp?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

If you could be a character in the story, how would you intervene or change the course of events? Which section would you choose and why?

Essay Topic 2

The men of the book are mentioned as ways forces that shape the women of the book's lives. They are definitely secondary characters. How do the men shape and carve out a story for Dinah and her mothers? Explain how the following men affect the women:





Essay Topic 3

Dinah's mothers are very excited when Dinah is born. This is because women pass on the history of other women. In your opinion, has this changed at all? Does a women's history make it into our collective histories? Why or why not? If not, how can we improve this in our day and time?

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